Saturday, March 3, 2018


Those parking lot men showed up at 7am on Thursday--
and decided to start working and making noise right under my apt windows--
so DD got a call to come pick me up at 9am--
went to stay at her place until my brother, Jim and sil, Val came
at 3pm--
We did not get back here to their place near Brandon, FL until after 7:30 pm--
were we stopped at a Bob Evans for supper--
so by the time we landed we were ready for these--
rocking chairs out on their sun porch--
and we had company--
on her lap is Hazel--and I had to earn Hazel's love with lots of cookies-
but  Daphne loves every body--but she got lots of cookies too!!!

Yesterday, Friday--
we did a bit of exploring around here in the Brandon area--
and look what we found--
GiGi's fabrics-- a lovely shop and very friendly hep--
it was soo much fun to be in a quilt shop with the newest lines of fabrics--

and yes I did do some shopping--
I found 2 items that I had been needing--
the Navy thread and the walnut crushed shells--
and the lady even said to me--you have the unscented one--
I was thinking --yes--walnut shells are unscented--
but then she showed me they have some with Lavender scent now--
ohh--good thing she pointed out and that I had picked up the right one--
I am allergic to Lavender!!!
the one yard cut on the back of the chair was a sale piece at only $8 a yard--
a couple pieces on the chair are just stash basics=
one is a nice grey and one a nice brown-
and I found these 2 prints--
first the little chick one and knew I had to have me some--
then found the the larger animal one to go with it--
and so the yellow and rusty colored ones I also picked out to go with the--
What am I going make with it---??????
Good question!!!!!

Then we walked down a couple stores to an Antique shop--

and met this gal-
and she wanted to go Antique shopping too--

she would of walked through the door if I had held it open for her!!
this place went on and on--
but I only walked out with these two items--
you know me and my roses on china tea cups--
and birds--see the pretty teal on his wings???
And do you see the name on the bottom--
Gracie--now where have we heard that name before???

I lost my voice-or lets say I croaked out words all day yesterday--
there is tons of oak trees around here-and it seems I don't like them!!
think I am a bit better today--
we are soon to be off on another adventure today--
and there just might be another quilt shop on that route!!!


Here is a picture of Jim's neighbors pink flowers-
and neat tree trunk--
or what is left of a tree trunk!!!!


  1. Looks like a fun day!! Always good to stop at the quilt shop first in case the funds run low. Low the antique store finds and those old bikes are cool.

  2. How nice to get away from the everyday, and visit some new places. And who can argue with a couple of stash enhancers. Have fun!!

  3. I don't know what you paid for the walnut shells but you can purchase them at a pet store. That is where I have purchased them each time I needed a bagfull.

  4. These guys are absolutely amazing, and you'd be crazy to party anywhere else in the city. I would highly recommend this place to anyone. It's elegant, affordable, and delicious. You really get bang for your buck at event venues Chicago! And the service is top-notch.

  5. Plenty of fun adventuring, Di....a good way to avoid the works outside yur apartment. Looks like great shoppping :-)

  6. A lovely way to get away from the noise. Spending time with family and then exploring new places and finding the great fabric store.
    You purchased some nice pieces..


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