Thursday, March 29, 2018


it must of been shopping day today--
for the --
bloggers Easter Bunny--
cause hardly anyone did a post today!!!

And--well now that I think about it--
I was one of those helping out the
Rabbit myself--
while at the grocery store this afternoon--

so I did not get any sewing done today--
though I did a bunch of 'unstitching' this morning!!!!
You know I am in love with my seam ripper--
so I have to find projects now and then to 'unstitch' so I can
cradle the seam ripper in my hot little hand and put it to good use!!!

                   ENJOY, DI


  1. I need to go help the Easter Bunny tomorrow. As far the seam ripper, mine gets way too much of a work out some days that's for sure. Hope your's doesn't.

  2. My seam ripper got a good workout on Tuesday! I was sewing with a small group, and they were a talkative bunch. It was very difficult to concentrate..... Maybe I should go buy some Easter candy tomorrow??

  3. Hmm! I also spent time using the seam ripper yesterday...
    Have a Happy Easter....


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