Sunday, April 15, 2018


That I have actually gotten the second--
ABC- Stitcher's stitchery finished--
but here it is --
hot off the press---
So for --
Here it is--
a few slow stitching Sunday's went into this one--
and I finished it about 4pm or so today--
and see that line of white stitching going up the right side of the stitchery???
I ran out of the thread--with just about an inch of stitching to do--none in the thread box--
so went through the trash basket and found one  piece with just enough length to it to finish it!!!!

and here is the Two I have now finished since the first of the year--
The next one is the  Spring one that I am going to do--
have all the supplies to start that one sometime this week--
OHHHH--and you do know I have stitched on these "other" days than just Sundays!!!!

and I have a two week report to do for--

***** Days stitched this month --14 out of 15 days--
**** Hours stitched last week--4.75 hours
**** Hours stitched this week--3.50 hours
Remember this challenge is for my hand quilting--
The day I missed was yesterday--
somehow--I forgot to do my time on it--I was tired last night--so that might be one excuse--
the other one is--I have the blocks done--now need to decide how to do the lattice and borders--
and I usually have a plan--but the plan hasn't found me yet!!

On Friday I got to go to Hobby Lobby--
and some new baby yarn came home with me--
I know the reddish ones are new--and I think the 2 blue on the other end are new--
not sure about the 2 in the middle!!!!

and some new fabrics--
I got all that was left of the butterfly one--over a yard and half there--
the bottom one I think goes with a line I have in my stash--??????
the rest are just quarter yard cuts for the stash--already have a plan though for the yellow one
as this month's color is yellow--

Am waiting on a line of storms headed this way--
at least that is what the weather guy is still saying--
we do need more rain that is for sure--!!

Have a great Stitching week ahead Friends--
enjoy, di


  1. What?!? You forgot to stitch one day? I guess that is allowed from time to time. I LOVE your stitcheries!! I haven't stitched much today, because wildflower hiking season has started!!. So much fun Friday and today hiking with friends and finding new-to-me flowers. Expecting tons of rain tonight and tomorrow....

  2. Your ABC pieces look great! I stitched the Autumn one last year and it was a nice stitch. Great butterfly fabric too.

  3. Love those ABC stitcheries, how fortunate to have just enough thread to finish in the trash. Oh that butterfly fabric is so pretty.

  4. Lovely job on the stitcheries! I was giggling about looking through the trash for some white thread!

  5. Congrats on a very pretty stitchery! Glad you were able to find just the right length of thread. You've done so well at finding time for your hand work. Missing one day is still a great week. Happy stitching this week.

  6. Whew - I can relate to fishing a remnant out of the ort jar to get those final two or three stitches. I really like this series of ABC.

  7. Your stitchy finish looks amazing as always. I have gone trash diving for thread before. It's frustrating when you need just and inch or two of thread and you're out.

  8. Love your ABC stitcheries, they are so pretty! xx

  9. Yummy yellow blocks and those hats are sew cute....


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