Tuesday, May 22, 2018


Have you ever wondered where this saying comes from--
"get all your ducks in a row" ??

I have my hearts  in a row--
Here is Sunday's, Mondays' and today's!!

Back to Ducks--though in a row--
Well--I discovered the source of this saying this morning--
we have had a momma duck and 6 teen babies on the pond now
for a few days with all the rain--and usually I watch--
(ok and take a photo or two each day--of them swimming around--
and eating bugs and whatever)
But today I happened to catch this scene--

Over that little rise is the Momma duck and one baby--
and look at that 'line'--
those ducks are all lined up in a perfect line-
following Momma--

So where are going with those babies--Momma???
Please tell me not to the road--
But that is
where is she going-
across the busy street--
but she must also know when to cross--
cause she got them safely to the other side--
and only one truck had to stop to let her finish --
(usually the traffic is fast going past us on this road--
Momma was taking them back home down by the river!!!

                   IN A ROW--DI


  1. Very cute hearts. Love seeing the ducks. When I lived up in VT we had a swamp out in back of our property and I had a few months of ducks coming up the front yard and up the street for their 'walk' - Mom in front, then the babies then dad in the back.It was so fun to see.

  2. Your hearts are looking great! I love to watch mama ducks and their babies.. glad they made it safe across the road! xx

  3. Glad Mama got those ducklings across the road safely! Quack...quack.

  4. At least you know they were enjoying all the rain. Your hearts are really adding up. Looking forward to seeing all of them all stitched together.


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