Monday, June 18, 2018


I do have this nice 'gentle' bom done--
and this months block was done in the teal/aqua color of the month--
so now I am all caught up with this bom--and 2 weeks early--wow!!!!
so now what do I do????

And here is a few more hearts in the new collection--
See that neat orange/coral humming bird--
wished I had a feeder so I could have a hummer or two!!!

Did find a neat butterfly while out one day last week with the camera--
This one is a Gulf Fritillary butterfly--
I was looking up a new 'bug' I also got a photo of that day--
on the butterfly chart and did not realize how many different kinds of
orange and black butterflies there is--and they look alot alike--
so I wonder how many different ones I have taken photos of and thought
it was the same kind--hummmm??????

and these pretty flowers grow at the tops of a very tall tree--
good thing I have a good focus on the camera!!!

and did any one lose a comb--
cause I think I found it!!!

           WHILE SEWING--DI


  1. I wish each one who comments an extra special day today--di

  2. What a beautiful butterfly! Glad you got in some hand stitching on your embroidery and your hearts. Happy stitching this week.

  3. Gorgeous butterfly! When I find one, I always have to try to identify them, too. Whatever are you going to do with all those hearts? I quilted my May hearts on SUnday, and just have to sew down the binding.

  4. I like your gentleness block - and the butterfly is just beautiful! xx


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