Saturday, June 16, 2018


here at  'di's' place!!
got 2 teal/aqua kites stitched this week--
a pretty lighter one-
using 2 fabrics that I think I got in my Christmas packages--
the anchors and the stars--
and this one is more of a green teal --
used a bird print--in this one--

and I got the 2 teal blocks sewn--
the second one with the little birdie's was a Birthday gift fabric--
and as it has teal in it--I just had to  use it!!!!!

and another baby sweater is finished--
(except buttons--I really need to get them out and get the buttons on them--think I have 9-10 sweaters now in 3 sizes to donate and some hats--!!)
I needed to go to Hobby Lobby today to get yarn--as I am out after I finish the one  on the needles today and it is on sale--but that wasn't possible to day--and their shipping fee is terrible high!!



  1. Busy as always! Your little sweaters are always so cute. I dropped off two baby afghans at the hospital last week, and started on a new one. Knitting is so much nicer than crocheting, but I am NOT learning a new hobby!!

  2. Are the pieced blocks to go with the kite blocks?

  3. The Kites are going to make a cute quilt and your other blocks look great. What size are they Di.
    Sweet cardi....

  4. The kites turned out beautifully, and so did your Squared Away blocks. Hope you are able to get out for some yarn sometime this week.


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