Friday, July 13, 2018


I was able to get the last 4 dresses all appliqued--
it was photographing them that became a pain in the****!!
I started taking photos of all 4 of them together--
but just couldn't get the colors on the dresses to come out right--
so finally cropped them and did each one separately--
the red one with a burgundy belt--
a black dressy one with a grey tear drop on the collar--
a green dress with a green bow (tied in the back)
and a blue-- one with off the shoulder top!!

and these 4 join the other 8 made 2 years ago-
 so ---
now Di has to decide how to finish these off--
I think she has a plan--
but we know how 'quickly' she can change her mind!!!

and she is still working on sewing together this years pink heart challenge!!
and she has to do the blocks for this months color--red/burgundy--
so who knows--may be next year
 before she gets to doing these into a top!!!!?????

The weather here this week has been low 90's with a small breeze-
and no rain--!!!!

          THIS WEEK END--DI


  1. Very chic dresses to add to the rest....hmm wonder how you will put them together ?🤔

  2. I remember when you were working on the dresses previously and thinking they were very stylish.

  3. Looking forward to seeing your ideas for the end result :)
    I doubt it will take you long now you've got this far.

  4. They are really cute! You do such lovely applique xx

  5. Your dresses are really sweet. Hugs

  6. Those dresses are such fun. It's hard to pick a favorite. Looking forward to seeing how you set those together. Happy stitching this week.


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