Tuesday, July 10, 2018


When I was looking for something the other day--
in my 'UFO' drawer--
I pulled out the dresses that I started
2 years ago for the color of the month--
Remember these????
Most of these are my own design and all are appliqued--
I got the last 4 designs done--
and then it all got put away--
I spent some time yesterday checking the pattern's
picking fabrics and ironing on the pattern pieces
for these last 4 blocks--
and this morning between, Danny and Mac coming--(it's Tuesday)
I got  them traced and even the green one cut out
and laid out on the block and a couple stitches in it!!!

and I am still working on the hearts --
am doing all 42 charm squares this time--so still have a few more to stitch--
then I may sent them to NY to Anne for a hospice quilt or as she likes blues,
 she can make herself a quilt with them!!!

And I have been busy knitting--
and have already made 2 baby sweaters with that new batch of yarn!!!

And for this project--
I did decide to put away the Fall one--
( I did get all the ABC letters in that one--)
but am putting it away and stitching the Summer one for now-
yesterday the rest of the threads came in--so started one letter today--
to see if I like the new blue thread--it is darker than the first one--
but it could be a bit darker--but I am going to use this one--
it is so hard to really tell the shades of threads online, isn't it????

                    AND SMILE-DI


  1. Hi everyone--I am still trying to figure out to see the comments on my email page--this is a test!!!

  2. Guess what--I think it is working--thanks for all the comments that I have not answered--Danny and Mac and then Frannie have kept me really busy this past week!!!

  3. Is this catching?? Let me know if you have found a cure!
    The dresses are so cute, looking forward to seeing it finished.

  4. Hey I can comment again!!! Now what was I going to say? I know it was something brilliant! hahaha! SO glad to be here to visit..I'm speechless! Lots and lots of hugs, your blog buddy Diane

  5. Can't wait to see the finished dress quilt. And you know I can't say anything about putting stuff down and starting something new!!!
    As long as you are having fun!!

  6. I LOVE your dresses! I had forgotten all about them. How much do you have left before you can finish them??

  7. Yes I do remember your sweet. Dresses 👗.. nice to see you're working on them again.
    Great you've kept busy with both creating and with friends.

  8. Those dresses are really fun and the baby sweaters are really cute. I really like the brightly colored one.


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