Saturday, July 21, 2018


I think alot of us have been seeing 'red' this month---
I was finally able to find time to do my 'red' work for July--
Got the block done--
See the pin wheel fabric in the center  ones--
I have had that fat quarter piece for a very long time--
I have loved it since the day I bought it--
but kept saving it for a special project--
that just hasn't happened--
soooo--we are using it!!!

And the 2 kites are done for July--
and you can see here I also used a piece of the pinwheel fabric--
now on that second kite--
I was in walmart the other day and seen that fish fabric--
and I fell in love with the teal one--
so I bought a fat quarter and used it on this kite--
so anyone want to go Kite Flying with me today?????

And talking about the color 'red'--
I was seeing ---- red----alot this week--
emotionally wise that is--
but we won't go there on here--ok--
So I hope the only red you seen was working with your red fabrics--!!!!!
Can you believe that July is more than half over--wow!!!



  1. I love your red sewing Di - how brave to finally cut into that much loved FQ - I do that my favourites for exactly the right project - and when I finally cut it up, love that I am using it :-) No I cant believe how quickly the month is flying by either.

  2. I'm just loving your kites! I need to catch up on the red and pink and whatever it was last month... oh dear! xx

  3. All your red blocks turned out beautifully. It's sad to use the last of a favorite fabric, but when you spread it around you get to enjoy it in multiple places. Hopefully the seeing red part of the week didn't last too long.


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