Tuesday, December 4, 2018


 For the most part--
Anne and I are back to doing our Tuesday morning visits--
we haven't actually sewed yet-
but she does bring me show and tell--
and here is a couple she has put together--
This one is using some of the applique heart blocks I did and gave her as part of her birthday gift
and she make some 9 patches to go with them--
this week she brought me one to show me how she used some other blocks that I sewed up while in Florida --last years blocks-


And as I was resorting out my quilting and sewing things--once again--
I decided to box alot of it up and send it to Lynn in CA who  is collecting those kinds of things for so many quilters who lost everything in upper CA from the fires--
I did have alot of extra's like scissors, tapes, rulers, patterns, threads---
so these 2 boxes got in the mail today--
and they were heavy--
have you ever noticed how heavy packages seem to get these days when one wants to mail something???????
AND a side note here--
remember postage stamps go up to 55 cents each come Jan 1st--
so I also splurged and got 2 books of stamps--really pretty bird ones--
so think I will get something more Christmasy for the Christmas cards--!!!!!
And for a Weather update--
they  told us we would have sunshine today--
but this is what I seen when I got up today--
cold cold and wet snow--
though as Anne and I came out of the little diner from having lunch out--
the sun was shinning and we could see blue sky--and we got sooo excited!!!!
and we even had a heat wave--when the sun came out it went up to whopping 33 degrees--
but a very very heavy wind out of the north so felt like 20 degrees!!!!!

Ok be good and get some Christmas shopping done--
some decorating done and some  cookies baked---

Enjoy, di

Sorry Dad you aren't going anywhere's with out me--!!!!


  1. Anne's quilts are beautiful. I like the hearts and 9 patches. They go nicely together. Stay warm!!

  2. Anne's made some lovely quilts out of the blocks you gifted her.
    Nice to have gone out for lunch even though it was cold.

  3. Nice quilts! Isn't it nice to see how things turn out?
    We have had rain a few days and then today -10!
    Keep warm. Hugs

  4. Pretty quilts. Anne is doing great. That is so sweet to send the packages to the quilters that lost everything to the fires.

  5. Anne did a nice job with your blocks! IT reminds me that I want to make some more hearts. I found a charm pack a few days ago that would be perfect. I didn't know stamps were going up again, so I need to stock up before then. Hope it warms up soon! but I suppose Spring is several months away. We had a bit of a snow flurry late this afternoon, that dropped more snow than we were expecting. I'm sure it will all blow away before it has a chance to melt.

  6. Your's and Anne's collaboration quilts look great! Glad you got a day of sunshine. It appears we dodged a bullet with the next set of storms. They are all going south, so no snow/ice for us, but it sounds like the rest of my family will not be so lucky. Happy stitching this weekend.


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