Sunday, July 14, 2019


remember when we used to dress up for every Sunday???
Well--I do have lots of things to show you--

I did something that I have done,,only, once or twice before--
and it was time to do it again--
and that was wash some clothes--
My dolly clothes that is--
This doll is about 40 years old--
along with the cat beside her--
(I also do alot of geese at the time I made these--
there were lots of more of both--but I never kept one for myself--
these were the ones I gave my Mom--and after she died in 1996 I got them back!)
When I was cleaning a last week I realized that Missy needed some clean clothes--
and now as I was downloading and checking the photo--guess what I discovered???
the little mouse on the cats tail is the same fabric--how 'funny' is that?????
this was Thursday's night sunset--

I also have known for a few months now that I needed to do some other
can you guess what needed washing????

Counted cross stitching projects--
the this gal with the frying pan--was done by my DD when she was 16 or 17-
all the others I have done and these are some of the older ones--
the 4 little ones in the second photo are some I did when I went to Zephrhills, Florida
 to visit my parents when they came to Fl for the winters--that is over on the West side-
and was back in the late 80's early 90's)
they look much better now--believe me--alot of the frames where getting old and
in disrepair--so I have taken them out--not sure how or when they well get back to
display mode--but they will be all ready and waiting when the time comes--
(ps--I have lot more to do yet--this week hopefully!!)

the morning was spent doing a couple loads of laundry and
working on the Inchy's getting last weeks stitched on to the body of the
hexie quilt--
in the afternoon--
I went to an Ice Cream social over to the yarn shop--
and I was a good girl--
and didn't have any--they had all kinds of sweets--but--
with me being 'sweet' enough already--I didn't have any--
I also made it out with buying anything--
the one skein I did want was $40.00!!!!
I did visit with a nice lady that was there from out of town--

Later when I was home I got an "upsetting" phone call from a friend--
and boy then I was ready for a ice cream sundae with all the fixings!!!!!!!!!!!
luckily by then the Yarn shop was closed---

Lots of "critter" folks showed up today for the seed party--
at one time there was '5' squirrels out there--oh no!!!
Red did show up first though--good thing hu????

I took this one a couple days ago--
Two Reds---
until the one spotted the other one and then the chase was on!!!!

and I thought this one was cute--
Red is saying--I wonder if I stay behind him--if he will see me???

I got my fabric order in--
but I was upset with the white fabric--
I had ordered "Bleached white"--me thinking Bleached would mean--white white--
you know like bleached out white--welllll--it is a very off white--almost an unbleached white--
so I had to go back online and order white--luckily one of my companies had free shipping
that day--but it often takes this company 2 weeks to get here--
but here is the 2 charm packs--
the one on the left is for this project--
a couple years --working off and on on this one--
the other one is--
love these cute sayings!!!
Wonder why Di would like this set--hummm???????????????

yep--even this male cardinal--fly's in each day for a seed or two and then he is off--

and today's slow stitching will be--
with a good movie--
as the race was on last night--
it had a great finish, too!!!!!



Thursday, July 11, 2019


we are finally having some summer weather--
though for the most part only low 80's and so far--
not much humidity--
and--are you ready for this--
some days --all day--sunshine--wow!!!!!

was this Inchy--
a basket of flowers--
for having finished this embroidery basket--
which I already showed you--
this was the 10th one--
out of 20--half way there--
and some progress has been done on #11---

and talking about flowers--

every morning when I go out to 'feed' the daily "critter" line-up--
and do a bit of dead heading--a couple blooms come inside--
and I use this shot glass that I got on the trip during Irma escape!!
so this little bear keeps on eye on them for me too--
they are out on the sink ledge so I get to enjoy them when in the kitchen working!!
(don't know why I bought a shot glass--I don't use them  for that--
I just thought this one was cute with the bear hanging off it!!!!)

morning I was not at my best-
so no walk at Walmart--
but in the afternoon and it being a lovely day outside--
I did make it over town--
to finally see Nancy--
she is my other knitting friend and works on Mondays--
I did not get to see her when I first got back and being so ill for all of fall--
didn't get there--then the cold weather--
and then in Feb, Nancy ended up in the hospital and had surgery--
and then a second one in May--so she had just gotten back to her Monday work day--
we had a nice time catching up--

was a busy day--
more paper work had come in for Florida--
so that had to get done and get faxed back--
then --
it being Tuesday--it was Anne's day--
we visited til lunch time--
can you tell what we had and where we went????
Pizza hut--and had personnel pan pizza's with spinach on  them--
we hadn't  been out to lunch in a couple weeks--so we enjoyed ourselves!!
In the afternoon a got a hem stitched in on a dress--
yep--me in a dress--oh and this time the hem came out even!!!!

Also worked on the 2 Christmas embroidery ornaments that Joy is doing--
there will be  3 of them this month and the finishing--
they are simple and cute--

was a very busy morning for me--
I did the 9:30 bus to Walmart--
then walked over to my hairdressers and got a hair cut--
was beginning to look like the 'shaggy dog'--
then a little bit further down to the eye glass place to get another
small adjustment on my new glasses--
and ---
on the way back home I stopped at--the Holy Cow--
that I did say--holy cow--
only it is an actual place--
it is in the old Natural foods store where I used to shop years ago--

I got a half pound of ground beef for my spaghetti--
and it actually tasted and cooked up like the old fashioned ground beef--
it was $7 a lb--so half was only $3.84-but worth it--
their prices are high--but everything looked really good and they get 5 star ratings!!

afternoon was spent on doing some counted cross stitching, and embroidery on the
Christmas ornaments--

And this order came in yesterday in the mail--

Such pretty pink paper--
and the free pattern and candies--
and the last 4 of the Word Play patterns--
(yep they say $11 each on them--the others I ordered where only $9 for the same place--
those prices just like to 'jump' higher when one isn't looking--it seems to happen everywhere
these days!!!!)

So how is your week coming along????


Sunday, July 7, 2019


What a week--
it had it's challenges --as always--
and it  kept me busy--so it has been a whole week
since we visited--sorry about that!!!
Our weather did change here too during that week--
Summer showed up with hotter temps!!!

Lets see--
Last Sunday's Inchy is--
Yep--on June 31--it had been 181 days that I have been doing an Inchy a day--
6 full months--half a year!!
and then we turned the calendar--
Another full month of adventures and Inchy's--

Monday's Inchy--
I started working on shortening my capris--
the first pair is an olive green pair--
(capri's are almost pants on me--cause I am so short!!!)

was a very busy day
and an interesting day!!!
As you know it is Anne's day to come and visit--
Right after she got here--
the phone rang--it always rings when she is here-it's kind funny!!
But this call was 'the call' I have been waiting for--
more on this later--
We went down to her house--
as she had forgotten to bring me a couple things--
and as we stood outside looking at her flowers--
a pretty dragon fly-entertained me--
even though he was half the size or less than those of the Florida ones--
he was neat to watch!!
Around 1:30pm the fire alarm went off again---
so I walked up to the Bakery and got me a loaf of my Cracked Wheat bread--
I was out!!!

I was not sure if I wanted to keep doing the Inchy's--
and I was about out of the wool hexies--
so decision time--
but then I realized that 2 important people to me--
have birthday's in Sept and as I have all the rest of my family birthday's on a Inchy--
I need to keep going so I could add theirs in when they came around--
and how would I entertain you all--if not for the Inchy's!!!

And then (my finger's and heart like to shop--even when my head it still trying
to make decisions) look at what showed up in the mail---???
enough to finish out the year--sooo---

the Call on Tuesday--
Came from Florida--
the new to me place--I am now #5 on their wait list--
it could still be 2-4 months--
so for the next couple days--I had 'tons' of paper work to run off on the computer--
and fill out --finding other papers to make copies off--

Very quiet around here--even all evening--
miss all those fireworks in Florida--
I did work on hemming a second pair of hot pink capris--
only when they were all stitched in--
I realized that something didn't look right--
I cut the hems off even--
But apparently one leg was shorter and uneven--so I ended up with the very crooked hem line--
So we unstitched and re-cut them and got them ready to re-stitch--
(they got done yesterday--and are now even--!!)

We had us a not one here--
it got to 94 degrees--
but I spent the morning finishing up all the paper work that needed to be sent to Florida--
so after lunch--I did walk it all down to the post office to mail it--
it is a good 6 blocks there--
figured I needed to get used to the heat again!!!
on the way home I did stop at the Yarn shop for awhile--
and then on the way home from there--
I stopped at the little Farmer Mkt over in the park--

Fresh garden peas--
that I had purchased at the Farmer's market--
got shelled and cooked up for my supper--yum!!!

Also these came in the mail--
Crabapple Hill had a sale last week--
I worked all week trying to talk myself out of this purchase--
but remember--those fingers of mine--did it again!!!
and this pattern really 'sang' to my heart--
old fashioned canning jars--with flowers in them--
I also got the Lemonade  one to maybe go in the middle of this one--
You know I also love aprons--
and the other one is go with another one of her's I have already!!!!

so here is six-months worth of work--

and here is where August's wordplay is so far--
and this morning I finished picking out the colors for the rest of this one--

this basket got finished yesterday--
while catching up watching the smaller Nascar race--
I will be starting #11 during the big race today--
but first  I have a new small embroidery to do--
for a Christmas in July project!!!

Ok--you have listened to me long enough--
go have some fun today--
and remember to tell someone (or a fur ball) that you love them--
luv, di

Sunday, June 30, 2019


Can you believe that half a year --
and half of the Sundays in a year--
is over already??????

Tuesday's Inchy--
Tuesday was a full day with lots happening--
My water delivery came at 7:50am-
( I get 12 gallon jugs of spring water delivered once a month)
At 9:45 Dustin came to measure my window for an A/C unit-
and at 10:00am--
Anne came--
We got me my B-12 injection--
then to the Post Office to mail out 2 packages that I have tried to get to the post office
with for over 2 weeks and we still had to go to the next town to do it--as they were still working on the street right in front of the post office-
and then we did something --FUN--
we went to a green house--
and these came home with me--
there is 4 different flowers here--
and something else happened--but I will get to that later!!??

was a lovely warm day--80--sunny--
took the 9:30 bus to Walmart for some supplies--
like more potting soil--
so I could play in the dirt when I got home--
most of the new ones went in the barrow--
but I needed something else for the 'overflow'--
so look at what I found in the kitchen aisle???
a pretty turquoise bowl for only $1.34!!!
and it worked great for plants and adds a bit more color in the garden--!!

was a big day again--
I had alot of cleaning, to do--as they were inspecting my apartment on Friday--
and you know how it is--you think your place is 'clean' until--
you know someone is coming----

also this happened--

my new air conditioner got installed--
this one is 12,000 btu's--so if it ever gets hot and humid out--
I will be cool and chilled inside!!!!!
I also finished the shawl I was knitting--
though no photo's yet--!!!

Now I need to back up my week a bit here--
back to Tuesday morning--
this is what I get got to see each morning at breakfast--
my flower barrel full of big yellow pansies--
but I am sitting at the table and realize that something looks funny--
so I go out to feed the birds and I discovered that half of the pansies are gone--
A deer had jumped the fence and had them for a midnight snack--
well--ok--I still got half of them--
but I also know that pansies don't like hot weather--
so that is why I went to the green house on Tuesday and got more plants--

Then I get up on Friday--
deer had jumped the fence again and finished off the rest of the pansies--
now he/she did not eat the voila's--I think that is 'funny' as they were right there together!!!
I do believe if the weather stays cool--the pansies will bloom again--
and if the deer stay on the other side of the fence!!!
Finished cleaning and had the inspection--
And we had another fire alarm at 10:30pm--yep some of them cook really odd hours around here!!!

Turned out for the better part of the day--
for 3 good days in a row--nice and sunny and low 80's with hardly any humidity!!!
But around 6 pm we had a nice thunder storm--
I do miss the thunder storms--I am one of those 'weird' folks that love them--
not sure when I fell in love with them--but I do love watching and listening to them--
crazy I know!!!
I have to say that the week did catch up with me and I have been very tired for the last 2 days!!!

For slow stitching Sunday--
I have started the August Word Play--

And this morning I went on line and ordered--
Sept, Oct, Nov, and Dec's patterns--
when I ordered the last 3 of these from this company--
they were only $9 each--today they are $11 each--OUCH!!!
Plus shipping!!
but it is done and done--can't stop now--right???

I have been able to stitch every day this past month--
so 30/30 days--
and did a total of 54 hours of stitching for the month--
now I might be 'cheating' a little here--
as I stitch that Inchy every day and that takes a good 20-30 minutes--
but I am usually also doing some counted cross stitching or embroidery each day too--!!


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