Thursday, April 30, 2009

Today Was QuiltClub day

This afternoon Ann and I went to our Monthly Quilt Club here in town at our Quilt shop called, O'Susannah's Quilts and Gifts. they have 3 classes each month, morning, afternoon, and evening and you can pick out which one to attend--Ann and I go to the afternoon one, it's not so crowded as the other 2!! We can join a block of month there each year--this year only I am in it. We always look forward to the Show and Tell part and today my camera went along and actually did some work????? Here is some of the pictures of last years quilt block of month as some are getting them finished:
This is fairly good picture of one of them notice the hexagons in the corners--that was the author idea who made this one--this one is also done in the main colors that we were given:
here's another one and you can see more of the bottom of the quilt's design:
And here is another one and she has chosen a really different color border for her's:
And here is one where this quilter changed alot of the block colors:
And this a picture of my friend Ann showing us one of her quilts she's recently finished hand quilting on.

Well there is more pictures yet--but I will save those for a rainy day!!!!
Be Good--keep crafting and quilting and baking----Just, Di

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Eyes have it!!!

Well, it was quiet a bit cooler here today, but sunny and last evening we got some rain that we needed, so I guess all is well here in NY for now!!! I did get some more of the redwork blocks done and they are over on the workbasket site. I spent some time with my friend, Mary, downstairs, and with my neighbor, Stella, in the apartment across the hall. Had some lunch, worked on tracing off the rest of the redwork blocks--then it was time to go to my eye appointment and get some new glasses--I usually get bi-focals--but have only really worn them to sew with or if I am in the car and need to help someone with road signs--them I discovered reading glasses for sewing and reading and decided I really liked them better--so today--I just ordered a new pair of reading glasses and then got me a really nice "sexy" pair of sunglasses for the distance ones!!!!

On my walk over to the eye doctor's office I took some pictures of "flowers"!!!!!
And another one:
And another one:
As you can see, I really do love to take pictures and ones especially of flowers!!! I will try to take pictures of something else tomorrow instead of flowers=== OK????

I think I finally found some "red" curtains for my kitchen last night on the Internet!! Do you know how hard it is to find a real red these days--everything is burgundy, or wine, or something other than a a true red--and of course I have my heart set on red??? I am always a few years late in my decorating and in my clothes styles--but then in the clothes department--I guess I am OK these days as I pretty much just wear jeans and t-shirts--I think they are always in style--aren't they????????

Well have a great evening and a great day tomorrow---Just, Di

Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Tuesday's is when my friend Ann comes and we quilt awhile together. Today she worked on a small lap quilt and i worked on my Redwork blocks. Then we went to a furniture store and I found a chair I really liked and that fit Ann well, for when she comes to visit each week--we are both short--and it is not easy sometimes to find something comfortable for us to sit in!!! Then we went to lunch at this little cafe and it was good food, we had a male waiter and I do not believe he knew how to add as he told everyone their meal was $9.45 regardless of what they ate??? Ann and I had totally different things--yet, it was $9.45 for each of us--I believe mine was more like $7.45--BUT??? So I don't believe we will be eating there again??????

On the way to the furniture store we stopped by her house and I took some pictures of her gardens, and they are full of tulips of all colors--thought maybe there for a minute I was in Holland!!!!
And another one:
And another one:
I know these are not tulips--but do you see her cat statue behind the flowers peeking out?? Ann also brought me a bunch of her tulips to put in a vase:
How do you like my "vase"???? I love the old green canning jars and use them all the time--have my tea in a couple and always use them for flower vases!!!!
PS--the first picture on this post is also the vase of flowers from Ann!!

Happy Spring Day--Just, Di

Monday, April 27, 2009


WELL, IT'S THE SAME OLD STORY--everyone complaining about the weather???? It's too cold, too hot, too much snow, too much rain--when will people realize--that today is the best day--even weather wise--because they have "today" --who knows if they will have tomorrow or next week even--so whether it's too hot or too cold--just enjoy it--we now have air conditioning for the summer months and heating systems for the cold weather and they didn't in the "Good old days" yet I truly believe they where a happier group of folks than the people are today!! WOW--where did that all come from???????????????????

My tulips in the garden bloomed big time today--here's some pictures:
And here's one:
And here is the promised picture of my treasures from the shopping on Saturday:
I just love the little glass and the old-fashioned designs on it---and this tea cup is for "giants" I do believe!!! It is really big and heavy -- I shall be putting a plant in it most likely!!! Here is another view of the little glass:
Well this has been fun--but I need to be going for today--take care, Just, Di

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Shopping on Saturday!!

Saturday morning a girl-friend called and asked me to go with her to visit another girl-friend of ours that has a "craft" shop up in Horseheads, NY and I said I'd go, so we took my sister along and off we went:
and here is another picture of the outside:
Now I would love to say that I took a Zillion pictures of inside--but the "truth" of the matter--is--once I walked through that door--I was LOST--it was a Living Country Sampler Magazine store--anything country and they had it and they had alot of antiques too--all mixed in together and the camera was "forgotten"--I only bought two small things on Saturday and I even forgot to take their pictures today--but I will and then post them!!! But you can bet I made a "BIG" list of things I want to go back and get as I redecorate my apartment!!!!!

We have had a couple beautiful sunny very warm days here in lower NY state, so today I went out and took some outside pictures. First as I have said in the past I live at the end of a Lake, so this first picture is what we get to see all winter when on the North side of the building where my gardens are:
and here is another one:
And here is a garden picture:
These flowers are miniature daffodils I believe, they are soo tiny and I found them in the one garden growing in between some tulips and I only found them cause I was pulling some weeds and moved a huge tulip leaf--surprise!!! and the bigger surprise is I have no idea how or when they got there and today I noticed another small group in buds on the other side of the garden--must be those "garden elves" at work again????
Here's another picture of flowers:
Well, that's it for today "folks" tune in tomorrow for more exciting stories and pictures!!!!
Have a great Monday-----Blessings, Di

Friday, April 24, 2009


I was unable to post yesterday, cause this crazy computer didn't want me to for some reason??? But hopefully it's letting me tonight---


Here is a Counted Cross Stitch picture she did for me when she was in High School:
And I have always loved it cause I think it fits me perfectly!!!!!

I am so excited tonight as at Walmart to day I finally found me 2 large stems of RED geraniums--I have hunted for a couple years for nice deep red ones--and then they were 1/2 price so I only paid $1.50 a bunch for them==OH< happy day!!! I also discovered that Corelle ware had anew line of dishes out in white, with 2 rings of red on them--perfect for the new kitchen look of bright red and white!!!!

Well, need to go for now--have some reading of Your blog sites to catch up on again!!

Have a great "sunshiny" weekend--in between the T-storms!!!! Hugs, Di


Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Here's a great giveaway!!

Please drop over and see Sue Daley's post as her new book is out and she is giving away a "signed" copy of it--she is listed in my blog list, so go there and connect to her site--Have fun-Di

I am still here??

The final verdict is in---I will stay here--at least that's this weeks decision!!! Actually it is a good one--If I stay here I will have more money to spend each month on fabric and thread and patterns--so it sounds like a plan to me!!!!

I did get the embroidery done for the Local Quilt shop and got them over to Sue today and the pictures of them are on the Workbasket site.

On the "Price is right show" today ( I caught a little of it when I was over visiting with my neighbor Stella)--they showed an Apple computer--does any have one of these and do you like it???????

I forgot to tell you the big news--on Sunday my sister and I went "antiquing" and I put a Hooister Cabinet on layaway--it's really country looking and has been painted--but it still has the flour sifter in it and I hope it still works--cause I will use it--can't wait to get it and to decorate it. I have thought of several items in my kitchen that are just right for it!!!

Here is a couple more pictures for my garden:
Opps--forgot this picture is of some little pink star shaped flowers that are growing under the tree next to one of my gardens!!!:
Here's a new picture of the forcynthia's -- the flowers are more open and look at that blue-blue sky!!!
Doesn't this tulip look like it's a lightblub???? It bloomed earlier than all the others--the others are getting nice buds on them--won't be long now!!!

Well, have a great Thursday, everyone--see ya--just, Di--checking in??

Monday, April 20, 2009

Happy Day!!!

I hope everyone had a happy Monday--mine has been a little exciting, stressful and scary--how is that for a day's worth of work--only I did not really mean this for my work--not much got stitched today--I went and looked at another place to move to --this involves buying--so that is very Scary to me, being a woman alone--and having have lived here for the last 4-5 years where everything is done for you--but I really want my very own washer and dryer and to able to hang clothes out side and have flower garden and to feed the birds and take nature walks and to smell fresh air--we most certainly do not have fresh air here--too many trucks, and cars and events all the time!!! But the monthly cost of owning a place, even if it is just a trailer home in a park would be more that living here--boy, sometimes life can be hard to figure out??????????

Sorry about telling you all my "scary" thoughts tonight--but then we are all friends--right??
Yesterday, my sister and I went over town window shopping--seen lots of neat things to buy--but we were good!!!!
Took this picture on the way home, in someone else's garden:
They are such a pretty shade of blue and they looked like a star flower--well, need to go and try to some embroidery work and call my sister and talk to her tonight.

Keep smiling and keep stitching--or baking--or spring cleaning--or shopping------Just, Di

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Lots to talk about tonight!!

Well--it was a nice sunny day here in NY again--but I know the weather is going to get colder again--cause my head says!!!!! I do know that spring really is here now--see the picture above-- what are those yellow flowers??? Your wonderful lawn ornaments of dandelions--actually my Mom used to tell about when that is all we had to eat one spring when I was about 4--but I don't know that I have had any since???
Went to the library today to get my stack of books and discovered that 9 out of the 11 are by Luanne Rice--I do see by my reading list that I have already read about 8 of her books and marked them as very good--so now it looks like I really need to start reading again-- I want to know if you have read any of Luanne's books and which one is your favorite one???? Also got the new book by Jennifer Chiaverini--The Lost Quilter--can you guess which one I will probably read first????
Here is a picture of my newest house "pet"--
Isn't she beautiful---I just love her--found her at Walmart of course--It is our only real shopping store in this town--she is a Better Homes and Garden item and she was $8.00--can't wait to decide how to display her????
And here is a "new" look at the china cabinet make over--or I guess I should say -- rearrangement:
I am looking at some new country pieces of furniture--and so far the only really good company I have found on the Internet is one called "sawdustcityllc"--at least that has the pieces in the colors I am looking for--has anyone ever gotten any thing from them--and did you like it??

I did get some embroidery done today on the Quilt shop models--but I got a longs ways to go yet!!! I showed the pattern that Sue is having me do on the other blog site.

Another question for you--should I get a little dog---or another kitty???????

Have a great Sunday--Blessings-Di

Friday, April 17, 2009

It's Friday!! /again!!

Well, here we are ready for another week-end--hope everyone has some great plans--here I believe the weather is suppose to be fairly warm-60's during the day--and I know I will be getting out tomorrow for awhile as my Library called and she said she had a stack of books for me--OH<>Do you see the little leaf buds???? This tree and another one next to it have really pretty flowers on them each year--so you will be seeing more pictures of them--I am sure??
I just LOVE how this picture came out--can you get a "bluer" sky that that???? And the way that tree is in the background with no leaves yet--it just came out neat I think so I have marked this picture a "Keeper" and will print it out some day--what do you think about it?????

See ya tomorrow--have a fun Saturday everyone--Love, Di

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Something new!!

Hi everyone--look what "popped" up over night???????
Didn't they grow fast--as they hadn't even started to come up when I was out looking for pictures yesterday??? Our maintenance man John, knows I love pansies--so I told him he plants these pansies on propose cause he knows I will also take care of that garden area, so that the pansies will grow all summer--I already try to care for 3 flower gardens around the grounds now and that is about all my body will let me do--but I do enjoy doing them as long as I don't have to haul water!!!!

Here's a picture of my little china cabinet, this morning:
It does not look like this now--I did sort some of it out--but tomorrow we will be cleaning my other big wall shelf unit and then we will decide what goes back into each one--so stay tuned for more of this "tale" at a later date--Plus while I was in Walmart to day, something "begged" me to bring it home--so I'll do pictures of "it" in the morning!!!!

Take Care and keep on working--- Just, Di

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

I went looking---

I did go looking for more signs of spring today, for here in NY--and I think I found some more sights to encourage me that Spring really is here--even though our nights are still around 29 degrees or colder--
I was surprised to see these flowers still blooming--usually they are all gone by now!!!
My Hyacinth's are just starting to bloom--all 4 of them have all came out the same color--they are about 3 years old now!!
And I see that the forsythia is now trying to bloom--Mom always said this was a sure sign of spring in the makings!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I did get my apron for the "Tie one on" challenge done today. I used a pattern that had been my Mom's and she sent for it through the mail and the postage was just 1 cent--she and my Dad lived in Millport, NY at the time and my Dad ran the cider mill there. I do not know if she sent for this pattern before or after I was born--but I was born in 1948--so this pattern is at least 61 years young!!!!! It says it is an "Anne Adams Pattern" and it came from NY city area. I must say I really liked the directions to it--they were short, but to the point--today's patterns are so wordy and there is so many pages to the pattern--here's what the directions looked like:
This was it--just one half of one page--it had illustrations, too, even though they are hard to see here:
And here is the front and the back view:
If you want to see the pictures of how mine came out and for "the rest of the story"--go to my workbasket site--it's listed in the blog links list on the side panel.

Have a good day--see you tomorrow---running right along--Just, Di

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Flowers and Tea

I thought I would take a picture of my "spring flowers" and I added the box of tea to show you that I go down and make for my friend Mary each morning at 10:30:
The brand name is TAZO and the flavor is Zen--it is a green tea with Lemon verbena, spearmint leaves, lemongrass, and natural favors--it is "yummy" to smell and "delicious" to drink!!! I have found ours at that store that is in every little town--Walmart--!!!!!
Here's another picture of my new plant, after I transplanted it yesterday to a pretty pot--and of course I just couldn't leave out those beautiful daffodils from my garden!!! Did do some sewing, but that is over on the other blogsite--Di's workbasket--so pop over there too??
Happy sewing tomorrow--see ya then--Just, Di--did I hear someone say spring was here??? Where was that?????

Monday, April 13, 2009

It's a "new" week!!

A new week with new list of "To Do's"==wonder how many of us has "spring cleaning" on that list???? And how many of "us" will be wearing an apron while we are doing this???
Here's a picture of another apron that I found at the church sale a couple weeks ago--my girl-friend Ann just loves it, so tomorrow I will give it to her for her Easter gift--I will miss it myself--but I do have alot of old aprons in my collection and no place to display them--SO???
Today was Laundry day--4 big loads--them I repotted some houseplants, did alittle dusting in the corner of the dinning room--made my friend tea this morning and helped Matlock solve his murder mystery ( I do not have a TV--does not interest me--but Mary and I sure get a kick out of the ending of Matlock each day!!!!)
Well, it's time for me to read some of your blogs and then do some more sewing before bed---
Take care--see ya tomorrow---Di

Saturday, April 11, 2009


I took a couple more Easter pictures to show you:
It's hard to see the plant behind the "fat-chick" I think you are suppose to plant it outside for ground cover--but it was so pretty that I got it now and plan to enjoy it inside==at least for a
Here is an ceramic egg--another gift from a friend a few years ago--on the left
is the back side of the egg--it is white with pink dots on it and you can see that the inside has a cute bunny picture in it--I do have trouble displaying it --though--cause of the round bottom!!!


Friday, April 10, 2009


I can not believe our weather here in NY this year--Yes, I have seen snow and some chilly days in April's past--but I don't remember it being so uppy-downy for so long--it's chilly now and trying to rain--will turn to snow later--it's tomorrow night that I am worried about they are saying temps at 18 degrees--that is too cold for our spring flowers--so--I hope they change that report before tomorrow--Maybe they are just giving us an April's fool joke a little late?????

I found this article and picture of making pom-pom Easter animals in a recent magazine-- and I had to take a picture of it and of the Momma chick and baby pom-pom animals that my daughter made one year for me for Easter--my set is about 34 years old--and they is still looking good, except the momma chick lost her beak and every year I have been going to make her a new set--well, I am happy to report that this was the YEAR----

OPPS--it's hard to see it here--well--trust me it's got a new beak and it makes a world of difference!!! See the plate behind the basket--
I got this plate as a gift from a friend--it was a clear glass plate that they glued a holiday fabric to the back--it is really pretty and cute for Easter!!

May you and your family and loved ones have a great Easter week-end and may you all remember "WHY" we have this holiday-----------Blessings to all------Di