Tuesday, June 29, 2010


We have just one more day for the month of June---I just want to know--How did that happen????? Where are the other 29 days????  Anyone seen them?????

I am happy to say that the State Fair is all finished for June---
Very spring/summery looking--yet I wonder if I would of liked it in red and blue?????
Don't know if you can see the design that I hand quilted on the blocks or not--do you realize that there was "25" blocks on this quilt---plus the border!!!!!

Anne was here this morning and I got the binding sewed to the back while we visited--then we had lunch here before she went home.   Then I went to my sewing room and dumped my bag of strips on the bed for the strip challenge---now let's see--
that started when---January sometime---- and about mid way I did one project--
A pillow to go with one of the Schnibbles quilts--good for me!!!!
Have I done anything since??????    NO------
Like I said though I did work on some today and I do have about 4 or so projects to finish tomorrow and hope to get them in on time!!!!
the good news is---the large bag that I was stuffing all these in has now been cleaned out---some of the pieces I discovered where not really good for strings and I put them in my applique baskets--some were too small for anything to resew--but "me's" is gonna use them tomorrow--you must wait and see!!!!

Am working on two other hand work projects at the moment--and someone in the comments last night said I would get my "whole" list done by tomorrow night---
WRONG----but I have tried!!!!!

The Phantom of the Opera Duck---
Look carefully at this picture---it looks like he has not bill---
Here he does have one--but it just makes him look even more like a "phantom" duck--doesn't he??????

I have a question for you all???????
How do you "fold" your underwear?????????

      1. you don't---you just toss it in the drawer!!!!
       2. You fold it into thirds and fold it again in the middle!!!
        3. you fold them in half and then half again!!!!
         4. you roll them into a ball!!!!!
          5. other????
This is a contest---all those who match "my way" of folding their underwear get into a drawing for two charm packs---how does that sound!!!!??????

How do you fold your underwear????????????
Friday at post time I will check answers and do the drawing!!!!

Kitty picture time--
( don't tell anyone--but this "Di" person is really a little "goofy"!!!!)

Hugs, Di


  1. Now that is some big underware....ha!!! you crack me up!

  2. Love the pretty and cheerful Schnibbles. What fabric is that?

    I'm glad someone else is missing June too!

    I'm a #2 on the underwear.

  3. Hee hee! I also fold mine into thirds and then half again...choice 2. They tend to unfold in the drawer though!

    Your Schnibbles is beautiful! You get so much done, I'm jealous!!

  4. You're making good progress on your projects. I'm #2 on your list.

  5. Hee hee-I am a definite number 2. Must fold in thirds and then in half again. It is one of my very few things that I am fanatical about. State Fair looks great! You still have one day left! L,A-

  6. Eeekkkk! Where did June go - what have I to show???
    #2 is the way! Although it doesn't look like it when I open my undies drawer (would that be a drawer's drawer?)

  7. I am a #2 also. Pretty quilt and pilla! If you find the rest of June let me know. I sure hope July does not hide form me as well!! I have 2 projects I need to get done today, wish me luck!

  8. I just LOVE your State Fair!

    I'm going to say #2.

  9. Love to laugh now and then,and on your blog LOLs. To the questions: no 1,yes,when short of time(almost always)or sometimes 2!!!
    Glad you reminded me that June is almost gone. Gosh,what a month :-)

  10. hehehe I'm glad my grundies aren't that big!!! You could use those as a baby sling!
    I'm a number 3 folder ;)
    Love your pretty quilt. Beautiful colours

  11. If my undies were that big I would have to fold them several times! For mine...I just toss them in a drawer. For the boys (boxer briefs) I fold them in thirds and then in half. Then my son Robbie (11) tosses them in his drawer. Don't know why I bother to fold them :)

    I think this month's Schnibble would work in any color combo.

  12. Your schnibbles quilt is nice and cheery - it looks great. I'm a #2 folder!!

  13. Love the schnibble! #3 Yep, a half and halfer. :) Thanks for making me laugh!!

  14. Di you are a riot,what will you come up with next!?! Oh course I'm #2--thirds and then half. Schnibble work great. Now I need to make somenew hotpads. I'll put that on my listfor this month.

  15. Not only has June flown but where has the year gone??

    Pretty summery quilt.

    Oh I'm 1# re underwear. Got better things to do than fold nickers LOL

  16. Your State Fair quilt is very cute!

    I fold thirds then half... #2.

  17. If you do this, I will be your friend forever. I have never met anyone who does this..lol Ohhh are you still waiting lol..
    Well first I iron everything...and then I organize them into wee baskets ( white plastic) and I place each undergarment in their own basket, one for camisoles, another for bras, one for spanx, another for delicated undies and yet another for slips...After ironing them all, I fold them carefully in 1/2 then 1/2 again...
    Ohhh and I always add new baby soaps to the baskets....lol...so they always smell very fresh..Baby's own soap is my fav...Now aren't you glad you asked...I know I did not win a thing...but I smell nice..lol
    blessings ps..love your blog...have now added it to my list..msamm


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