Monday, July 5, 2010


What ever makes you think "we" have not been working--Di????
Well- Blog friends--when you read how many "hot dogs" were boughten and eaten over this 4th of July week end--some one was not working---a lot of someones were eating and eating and eating some more!!!!!!!

Now--me---I was good!!! (lol)
I did work nearly all week end--Saturday -- Little sister and I had our weekly trip over town---but the rest of the week end---
First I got all the bom's done for this Bom for 2010 by Jenny and then I even got the top all sewed together and I even got it all basted--now to hand quilt it!!!
I love the colors---but am thinking about donating this one to my Library for there building fund!!!

Then today I worked all day on Kelly's quilt along--
I was behind--and I think I still might be alittle bit--but I think I have a week or two to get it finished---Hand quilted again---this was just the 2 different block sets this morning--then--magic--
And now it is even all basted--ready to quilt--
I sure hope "my" quilt fairy didn't eat too many hot dogs and shows up soon--there is alot of hand quilting here to do-- and she is still working on the miniature doll quilt!!!!

I "figured" out why so many of you like "white"---

cause this is what happens when you wear "black"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That's "me" this week end with a "happy face" ---
You see--I won---
One of the drawings for the Schnibbles parade---a layer cake---yes---and No calories!!!

I won--
One of the prizes for the string challenge--see even if one is working right down to the wire -- it can pay off!!!!!

AND by the looks of the forecast--at least here for the next week--
We can--
Hugs, Di


  1. Love the quilt made of little squares. I hate sewing squares like that -- it just takes one little bobble and then that grows and grows as you sew each square.
    Yours looks great!

  2. Congratulations on your wins!!!

    I love your fabrics that you used in the quilt along. You'll finish it in problem!!!

  3. Congratulations on your wins Di, well done.
    Your BOM is gorgeous, lovely colours. What a lovely thought to donate to the Library.

  4. I love both of your quilts and look forward to seeing them all quilted and bound. Congratulations on the win!!

  5. Congratulations, you lucky girl!! I love the quilt you may donate...whoever buys it will be very lucky too!

  6. Love your quilts! I know the library will love having that for a fundraiser for sure. Yes I saw where you won a Layer cake and pattern YEA YOU!
    DH was home for 4 days so I did not get much sewing done at all!! Did get a bit of stitching done on my snowbound fellas.
    Heat wave here so inside sewing is where I will be!

  7. Both quilts look amazing! The brown one is perfect for Autumn and the one from Jenny's BOM is gorgeous. Love the way all the different size embroidered blocks fit together so nicely.

  8. Congrats on all of your winnings!!! Well done. Both of your quilts are very yummy! L,A-


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