Saturday, December 31, 2011


By Jimmy!!!!!
May we all be able to do all the stitching we want in 2012!!!

Hugs, Di and Miss Gracie
PS--see ya next year!!!

Friday, December 30, 2011


this past week--I mean it just 'flew'--
must be 2011 is in a big hurry to get out of the way and let another year take charge--
I must say it was a big 'year' with all kinds of happenings around the world--so 2011 must be really "tired"???????
I tackled a big project today--
This is a small walk-in closet behind the bathroom door--
and you can see---
it's just a little 'messy'????
and it is also my dirty clothes room--
So today was the day--
to remove it all and start over--
first thing I did once stuff was out, 
was to move the 2 sets of 3 drawer cabinets to the back wall --
these drawers hold most of my yarn collection--the bottom four drawers and then I had to put the rest in baskets on the top--one drawer has my embroidery patterns in it and the top drawer had my counted cross stitch patterns and supplies--
these drawers were where the yellow stand is now--and they were 'fatter' so it did not give me much room to get into the room or out!!!!!
now here is the other side--might still look messy to you--
but let me tell you it is not--everything has a place and now I can get to what ever I need--
and yes that is a sewing machine case in the back corner--got it when I ordered my pink brother's sewing machine--it is large--so just turned the top up side down and that is where I have my rolls of batting stored==works great for that!!!!
And here is a stack of 14 quilt tops that need hand quilting--
think I will run away from home--!!!!!!
the top two have there batting and backings are ready to be basted--
maybe next week I will have more time to do that???????
Then after a little 'nappy' I was able to finish this--
All the blocks are done and all the embroidery on the blocks are finished--
with 24 hours or so to spare!!!!!!!!!!
Well--for some of you tonight is the night---
for the rest of us--we still have a few hours of stitching time left--
so get busy!!!!!!!!!!
Hugs, Di and Miss Gracie

Thursday, December 29, 2011


and made it to Walmart for the after Christmas sale--
and I purchased these 4 items--wow!!!!
Oh wellllll--I just did not need much!!!
and I did get some 'food' to eat!!!!
and managed to get some lunch at McDonalds--
a nutritious 'fish sandwich' with salty fries!!!!
When I got home I had another package in the mail!!
Look at these--
These are two good sized tin balls--
this gift come from a unblog friend who reads me every day and often leaves comments-- and we email each other now and then and have become friends--
and look at what was inside these pretty red balls--
Homemade cookies--chocolate chip and molasses--both are my very favorites!!!
Thank you so much Carol--
( and yes Carol the bags are not as full now as when I opened them-

Here's Miss Gracie--checking things out, too!!!
Also bought me this cute glass container for my thread clippings--
some how I ended up signing up to show this container on the new moon each month--
to see how much thread it has grown in the 30 days?????
And now --
these two items are up for adoption--
this pattern--
Of the Warm Winter Wishes for the quilt I just finished--
it even comes with the freezer paper patterns I used--

a bag of the left overs of the other holiday quilt I made this year--
not a lot in here--but there is enough for a small wall hanging or quilt!
Be sure and tell me which one you want--
will do a drawing if more than one wants one of these!!!

And yes I did do some stitching today--
worked on the SAL project from yesterday--
still have some embroidery to do on it!!

Well--be good my 'chickadees'--
there is only 1-2 more days of 2011 left to sew--
so gets busy!!!!

Hugs, Di and the fur ball!!

Wednesday, December 28, 2011


I did wake up in a really  "grumpy" mood today--
have NO idea why really--just did--
then a little later a big fur 'ball' jumped up on the bed and purred me into a good mood--
Thank you, Miss Gracie!!!

I did start hand quilting a new small quilt this morning--
This one has been waiting 'in line' for along time--
so she's really happy that at least she has been started--
but then once 'grumpy Di' got up and did the dishes and got ahold of her day--
she ended up in the sewing room for the rest of day--
working on this--
the 'some kind of wonderful' quilt for the SAL--
but she decided she did not like the little blocks--
too busy and too much color--didn't think the actual blocks were showing up--
so back to the sewing room and did some 'frogging'--
and came up with this--
It looks light here--  but is much brighter and cheerier--in real life---
This one is alittle better--
I am using some of the strips from 2 jelly rolls of the Bunny Hill collection--
for the borders and in between the blocks--
so now I need to go and find a blue fat quarter pack or a blue jelly roll for some more blues to go in the quilt in the borders!!!
And-- I need to do the embroidery work on each block--
lets see I have --opps---just 3 more days to get this strip finished!!!!!

A package came yesterday from 'lil sister'--
a glass lady bug and a spool of ribbon--
some really cute tiny ornaments with cross stitching in them that she found at a sale--
the cutest tiny bear--she is sitting in the above picture with the ornaments--
wire tree topper angel--very country--
very old glass holders--I have a set that has been in the family for years--
now I have more!!!!
Thanks lil sister for my new loot!!!!

Also got a second package from my brother and sister in law--
Got these adorable angel measuring spoons--
and they were ok--but--the second gift in the box--
did not fair so well--agrrrrrr!!!!
we are definitely not 'feeling well' here--
It 'was' a two tiered plate server--but----
And looky here--Miss Gracie has finally learned that mom has learned how to take her picture and not have the flash go off in her eyes!!!!
It is almost here--
Hugs, from the 'girls'

Tuesday, December 27, 2011


This is my cute salt shaker that I 'retire' my pins and sewing/quilting needles in--
this hand quilting needle needed to---
to be retired--
because it's job was finished this afternoon--
looky here--
We are all done--even the binding is all stitched down--
this was a '3 year' ufoPROJECT--so don't say ufo's never get done--
even though I think I finished only about '4' of mine this past year out of upteen million!!!
did you say 'next year will be a better year for finishing some 'projects in waiting'---
I sure hope you are right!!!!

Anybody got any leftover homemade cookies or fudge--
Miss Gracie says she is 'hungry'!!!!!
She says that stuffed mouse is looking 'yummier' every day!!!!!!!
Hugs, Di and that hungry kitty!!!!

Monday, December 26, 2011

I DO---

that Miss Gracie and I had a very good Christmas--
These gifts are from blog friend -- Sunny in Maryland--
I just love them--and what a neat craft idea--
the card was homemade tooooo!!!!
Yep--I do believe that it was a good one--
Isn't little 'guy' cuteeeeeeeeee????????
Here is the rest of my 'loot' from another blog friend Alice in VA--
I got two great movies, 2 charm packs of Oasis, a yard or so of a delicious looking Chocolate fabric--not sure if I am to sew with it or 'eat' it?????  Then there is a cute pad with kitties on it and the paper inside has kitties and even a small pencil--how cute!!
some emery files and lots of pencils along with that cuteeeeeeeeeeeeeee penguin believe bell.
Thank you so much Alice!!! 
she is also the one who sent Miss Gracie some 'loot'--
Did get these pictures of her playing with one of them--
Ahhh--Miss Gracie--that is the camera cord--
you are suppose to be playing with the 'new' toys!!!!
OH--Miss Gracie does want me to tell, Auntie Alice that she loves allllll her new toys, and wants to say, Thank you!!!!
And here is that beautiful card again and now I have a beautiful silver angel to go with the card--
oh--wait a minute--I bet that blog friend, Anne-Lise, of Norway--meant the angel to go on my tree--
but I just may have to leave her out this next year!! Thanks Anne-Lise!!
And Auntie Shell got Miss Gracie a catnip toy--see it there on the rug--
Miss Gracie had alot of fun with it--till she seen me get the camera--and that ended that--
one of these days I will have the camera in the right place at the right time!!!!
Miss Gracie says, Thank you to Auntie Shell and the bunnies for her new toy!!
I Do--
That some blog friends spoiled me and Miss Gracie this year--
we truly are so very 'thankful' for each and every one of you around the world who add to our heart some love everyday--
Bless you all--
Hugs, Di and that Miss Gracie