Wednesday, June 27, 2012


Mine seems to be getting taller--
and that makes me smile--
I just love this flower garden--
No bugs--
No weeds---
No watering--
Doesn't matter if the sun shines or not----
it just grows and grows---
AS long as "Di" makes a couple each week--
Here's this weeks Hexies!!!!!!
And as you can see--the Sues decided it was there turn to show them off!!!!!

Here is some from around the neighborhood--
Hugs, Di and the darling fur baby--
Miss Gracie!!!!!!

Monday, June 25, 2012


I have a finish---
Presenting the completed Sunbonnet Sue Quilt--
Hand quilting is done--
the binding is all done--
and all the trims and buttons are sewed on it!!!

And I got one shawl all knitted and off the needles--
this one--but it needs to be blocked before I show you the final picture of it!!!!

It was a rough Monday--
phone calls came in--my phone doesn't usually ring much!!!
visitor's stopped by--
fire alarm went off--
and fire tech guys in and out all day--installing some new equipment in the apartments--
4 times they came here to work--
and when they left--besides the mess I had to clean up--
this what they left----
 A big ugly red box on the wall--
I am really not a happy camper about this--
it ruins my decorator look on this wall--
how dare they????????

I also went to knitting workshop tonight--
I just worked on a pair of socks--
plus we picked out a pattern for July and August's class--
a shawl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hugs, Di and that miss gracie!!!!!

Sunday, June 24, 2012


as I finally finally got to seeee  these down at the lake---
Some cute delightful baby ducks--
was beginning to think there was not going to be any this year--
But this momma had 4 babies with her--
I love baby ducks--they are so much fun to watch!!!
And I seen these ducks out a ways on the inlet--
thought they were adult ducks--
though I had not ever seen so many in a group like this before--
but I do believe this another family of 'teenage' ducks sticking to gether!!!!!
they were fast swimmer's toooo!!!'
they must of gotten blue ribbons from Mommy duck!!!!

Today I went to the Quilt shop for a showing of some of the new patterns that she picked up at Quilt market a couple weeks ago--
this little pattern said--buy me you need to make some of me for gifts!!!!
so who am I to argue with a doll --but then--you know how it goes--
pattern means fabric--and yes I have a ton of fabric--but--you must have the right fabric to make up the new pattern--so that means--you just 'have' to buy a little more--in case when you do get home--
the right ones are not there!!!!!!!!

Am busy working on the border design on the blue variegated shawl I am knitting--
over about half done--sooooo!!!!!
and another quilt is on the finishing table--sooooo!!!!!!

be good and stitch today--
Hugs, Di and her sweetie--Miss Gracie

Thursday, June 21, 2012


I got my laundry all caught up!!!
Di--why was that???
it was sooooo much cooler down in the laundry room than here in the apartment--
soooo--I took advantage of it yesterday and got all the bedding washed and dried--
it feels so good to get that done (confession time--you see I still had the two loads of flannel sheets from winter to wash up--bad girl!!)
And while doing the laundry I got four Hexie flowers parts all basted---
and one sewed together--

Then yesterday I mainly knitted to get to a point in this shawl so I could get some help on the border design for today--Thursday!!!

But then today I did not go to the yarn shop--
it was too humid for me to the walk--
and I needed to be here with the fans and the a/c to be sure they were running well, to keep Miss gracie coolllll!!!!!
But have plans to go tomorrow!!!

But--I did get a nice finish done today---
so I need a big 'drum' roll --please---

A new wall hanging for the wall outside of my front door--

But I really should get a swift kick in the pants--
cause this is the one that was still hanging there--
Yep---a very winter looking one--
I think one could say that Di is slowwwwww!!!!!

And I got alot of computer work done this afternoon--
sitting here in front of the fan--

Did you make it through the heat wave????
can you believe that I read the forecast for us, on Monday the high is 65 degrees (F)--
can you believe that--today it was 95 degrees here!!!! and hopefully tomorrow will only be 80 degrees--can't wait!!!!

Hugs, Di and that 'hot' cat--Miss Gracie

Tuesday, June 19, 2012


I happened to look out the window as I was firin up this computer tonight--
and I saw this--
OH--there is a kitty cat--
Now what is that 'cat' doing laying under that tree???
Oh she is playing with something--
how cute--
Now what--
opps--must of gotten bored all ready--
But she was a pretty kitty and it was fun to watch her play for a minute or two--
hope she has a home down the street--
Oh wait a minute--
we need to smell the grass one more time before moving on!!!!

My friend Anne came today and the first thing we did was go for a mile walk--
might not get to do that for a couple days because of the talk of the heat and humidity
then we sewed--I got the binding sewed on to the Sunbonnet Sue quilt--
then we took her Mom and went to lunch--that was nice!!!
This afternoon I started hand quilting a wall hanging and worked on knitting some more on my pair of socks--a long with-- trying to say 'cool'!!!!

What did you do??????


Monday, June 18, 2012


we have seen lots to do with the water--
so now it is time to take to the roads---
I was thinking about one of these--
but decided there was too much shiny chrome on them--
bad on the eyes!!!
Now this Harley has lots of compartments for all my quilting and knitting supplies--
might even find enough room in one of them for some chocolate!!!
but--the color is all wrong for me--tooo orange!!!!
Now here is a pretty ride--
and I do like red--
but---I don't know---????
Ahhh--now here is a 'cool' ride--red and purple--Queen rides again!!!!
and look at the compartments--could get some things in there to work on!!!
This one would probably be more my style!!!!

Haaaave a fun day --
sew up a storm--we need rain again--
but we have a real hot heat wave coming!!!!
Hugs, Di and miss gracie

Sunday, June 17, 2012


Would you like something to eat first???
please note those 'eyed' pretzels by the tires--

Taco anyone--
there is about anything you would want to eat or drink here!!!!
maybe you need to do some shopping--
Or some of you may have come to actually watch--
Oh Hi, Mary and Namoia--two gals from here--
(see I told you that once in while if we earn enough points they let us out!!!!!)lol
Hey--we got some boats in the water--
this is a first for me--I have never come over for the actual races--
way tooooo many people--but I just knew that my blog friends wanted some photos--
there was lots of different places that you could watch the race from--
on your boats---
on the rock wall--
On the pier--
still the pier---
this boat is the Eliza--one sank just before they got there--
they dragged it on in with them!!!!
I really did not realize how far these boats had to paddle for this event--
will show that part tomorrow--maybe!!!
This is today's picture--think someone forgot to bring in there ship!!!!!
and put it here--
boat graveyard--
look at all that cardboard and duck tape and paint--
that is all they are allowed to use--poor boats!!!!!

and Yes I have been working---
the Sunbonnet Sue quilt is done for the hand quilting is in on the sewing table to await for her binding--hopefully tomorrow--there is about 3-4 other projects--waiting for the next step!!!!
and for knitting--I have my homework done on the black Linden shawl all done--am ready for the second class--but that is not for 3 weeks yet!!????

Hope you all had a great week end too!!
Hugs, Di and her sweetie--Miss Gracie