Monday, March 31, 2014


besides decluttering--
I cluttered  up--
the old wood cupboard--
Yep--got the blue dishes out--
only have 2 shelves worth though--
and then I added the Easter items that where 'lucky' to be saved from the disown pile!!
And here is a new cup and saucer that I got--
see a little bunny has already claimed it for a home!!
and here is 2 projects that I have made in the last couple years!!
and a couple more on this  side!!
and here is the 3 cross stitch eggs--
all the bunnies are sooo happy to be out of the drawer and on display!!!!
and now--
what to do with--
with the rest of the stuff on the table????
what else do I want to find anew home for--
or to keep for displays????

you can actually see this piece of furniture now and the floor--
on Saturday a girl friend came and we filled her SUV with all the filled totes and boxes and bags that I had filled up with the items for the declutter project!!!
there is still more to do on this project--
though now it is the fabric, yarn, and clothings turn!!!

hugs, di and miss gracie

Sunday, March 23, 2014


Came in the mail--
This very cute and beautifully made snowman pillow--
oh--and what is that other thing????
nothing to fear--
it is a catnip mouse for none other than miss gracie!!
and look at the cute cardinal button on this 'fellow'--how cute--
and now --
who sent me this cute gift???
Lola did it--
Thank you so very very much--it made my month--dear friend!!
and he will stay out for awhile for me to enjoy!!
love, and hugs, di and miss gracie, too

Saturday, March 22, 2014


Di---it is not Christmas--
It is spring????
I know--
but remember I am spring cleaning!!!
and this afternoon while the one race is on the telly--
I plan to sort through this mess and declutter and donate lots!!!
That's the plan anyways!!!!
I still have not gotten to get the black frame for this--
but here is the latest cross stitch that is finished--
and I am working on another cross stitch now--
was doing really well on it--until I discovered today that I had to 'unstitch' some!!!!!
And --
John, our maintenance guy, built a nice puzzle table out in the hallway at the top
of our stairs for anyone to use--we have a community puzzle there and anyone going by
can, stop and put some pieces in--
and guess who does alot of  'stopping' and putting in????
I do enjoy working on puzzles--
there is one table down in the community room--
but just one tenant works on that one and she considers it 'hers' only!!!!

How is everyone doing on this months challenge???????????
I must confess--that I am not doing well--
the sorting and cleaning is taking up all of my energy and time--
but it will be soooo good to have it all done--!!!
hugs, di and miss gracie

Wednesday, March 19, 2014


That your friend and her master are still at it!!!!

Mom is still working on sorting, organizing  and decluttering and boy--
about that decluttering--
I have to stay 'lost' most of the time--
cause she just might decide to put me in one of those 'totes' that she is filling up to go to a good cause!!!!???

Mom did get the one counted cross stitch finished that she was working on--
but says she wants to frame it before she shows it--crazy 'mom'!!!

and she is working on a shawl in knitting and--
though she did say she wouldn't start another one--
she did--
another cross stitch one--crazy mom!!!!

Joy really is having less!!!
love, miss gracie and her mom!!!!

Wednesday, March 12, 2014


Whether or not--I should be doing 'whatever'--
I am steadily working on this --

Counted Cross stitch project--
we are getting close now--
a couple flowers go in the vines--
then a row of thread spools under her feet and the border!!!

You like warm or cold weather????
We have had a bit of both this last week--
Yesterday-- the sun was shinning so brightly--
that I went for a walk down by the lake--
but the wind was very cold--so did not stay--
I did see this in the garden though--
couple spring flowers are trying to tell the weather man to stop shaking it's "feathers"--
here is a look out the window for today--
It started raining in the night and rained until about 10:30 am--then it changed to that cold white stuff--I can't remember what it is called--been along time since we had any??????lol
and now it is getting bitter cold out--so we will have lots of ice under the snow!!!
At this time--right now--2:45pm it is still snowing heavily out there!!!
Happy Winter everyone!!!
hugs, di and miss gracie

Sunday, March 9, 2014


What have I been doing--
That is a very good question--really!!!
Ahh--you say--reading???
              well--yes, some--about being diabetic and about Wheat allergies--
But something else has been going on--
I have been sorting and making decisions on what quilt books and patterns to keep--
               along with some of my other hand work projects, like the counted cross stitching!!!!
I am really on a 'tear' this time--
               I just have to get rid of some of this sewing, quilting, cross stitch, ect stash--
and then find a place to donate it all to!!

Now for some good health news--
I have lost 3 lbs--now that may not seem like alot--
but for me that is a huge success,
              as I did not increase my excising to do it--
still too cold here--so I need a big star for that!!!
         I do feel worlds better not eating wheat or wheat products--
and I am not even totally wheat free yet-
they are so good at sneaking sugar
           and wheat into our foods--but I am going to out smart them!!! 

And my game plan is to get my 'spring' cleaning and sorting done this month--
before it gets really nice outside and I can go for walks and to knitting club--
The only sewing I have done so far this month is that I am still working on the counted cross project--
so I do have a needle going in and out of fabric!!!!

Have a great week--
hugs, di and miss gracie

Saturday, March 1, 2014


And it is cold cold cold and we are suppose to get more snow!!!
March is another of my "finish wips" months--
and I have 2 projects in mind at least that I want to finish this month--
It is time to finish 'wiggles' from Terry's SAL from ah--while ago!!!
And I need and want to finish the Hannah and Harrington blocks and quilt top--
think I have 5 finished so that makes 7 more blocks and then sewing them together--
think I best get busy on this one!!!

in the sewing line and one in counted cross stitch--
This is the cross stitch that I want to finish!!!

But now I have the challenge too to come up with--
the first challenge for you this month is--
for you to finish a wip that you started last year or before last year!!
----A wip from 2013--
--------And if you don't have a wip--I can loan you one to finish!!!!

and/or for the second one--
make something using an animal print.
You know that mine will probably be using a cat print--
as I have bought a bunch last month even and have some from last year I bought!!!
So ----- Get Set------and Go--- to work!!!!
hugs, di and miss gracie