Thursday, June 30, 2016


Started another block sal this month--
this one really 'spoke' to me--
I was looking for a new pattern where I could 'color' some of the block with colored pencils --
as I had done in the past-and look what I found--
the BEE quilt blocks--
the first block is a cat--and you know how I love black cats--
and black eyed susan's--
a lovely hexagon block was another one--but I did color the large bee in--
and I am using a charm pack that has bees, birds, bunnies and bee hives in it as my accent fabrics--
this block had smaller hexagons on it--
but I wanted to add more of the fabric accents--so made mine larger and added 8 fabric ones--
and to this one I added a bunny applique under the tree--
so far I am in love with these designs--
I am still one block behind and the next block comes out July 2nd--
I found this on a blog site of
so thank you  very much--
and the pattern is on Moda Bake shop site--
 see what, what kind of trouble one can get into from reading other peoples posts!!!
Have a great day--
love and laughter, di
You might think you see a cat here--but--I am really  another chicken in costume!!!

Thursday, June 23, 2016


I finally got around and stitched up 2 new dresses--
I sorta went by May's and June's color of the month--
or at least I tried toooo!!!
and here is all the blocks so far--
so now I have '8' dresses to pick from to wear each day--
and am out of patterns--
so need to do some more designing--
would like 12 total I think--
and all I can say, so far about them is--
that orange one sure is bright--
I might need to wear my 'sunglasses' when I wear that one!!!!!

love and laughter, di
PS-- I just did an update on Di's workbasket site--
in the upper left hand corner of this site--

Sunday, June 19, 2016


I finally got one of my counted cross stitch months done --
within the month --
and as I had figured out how I wanted to finish these off a while ago--
and had gotten the supplies--
I was able yesterday to finish off 2 of them--
I had gotten a silver tray at Christmas time and this one was just the right size--
and I have magnets on the back of the stitchery--
so I can change out each months stitchery--
Right now it is on display here--
the corner table in my foyer--
and I also got last months finished off--
Now I need to get off this computer and get to work on July's cross stitch --
Saturday and Sundays are my cross stitch days and I was bad yesterday and did not work on it-
so must get busy today -- or I will be behind again!!!!
Did change my quilt on the front door this morning too--
and a reminder--
that Di's workbasket blog site is also me and you can get there by clicking on the site in the upper left hand corner of this page--
love and laughter to all--Di

Saturday, June 11, 2016


I did get this first block finished--
and have started the second one--
and I have gotten more hand quilting done on that quilt--
that I showed you the last time--
am on the first set of outer borders--

and I continue to go each day and take photos--
Sunflowers from Nancy's garden in the back --
and here  is some of her okra plants--aren't the flowers pretty on this vegetable??
I used to grow it myself in NY years ago--I was the only one who could grow it right--
but I was a big believer in planting by the moon --with the Farmers Almanac!!
had fun trying to photo this butterfly with the winds open!!

Well--gotta go check and see if they are going to send the shuttle up today--
Have a nice fun week end--
love and laughter, di

Tuesday, June 7, 2016


I was having a 'computer fit' for about 10 days--
just could not get it to download my blog sites or anything much-
Went to my daughter's for supper last Thursday night and she hands me this box--
and I am sure you can guess what was in it!!
a brand new computer--with windows 10--
so I have still been having some computer 'fits'--
but nice ones, trying to learn my way around everything and
to get my files transferred to the new one!!

I have started hand quilting on a new quilt--
and am using these 2 stencils-
the stencil on the left is for the center 9 patch and the 4 corners--
the other stencil on the right side is for the other 4,  9 patches around the other  one--
so far I have had to redo the center one cause I counted out the 9 patch wrong--
I have had to restitch the other one at different locations on the quilt about 3 times, cause again
I counted the 9 patch wrong and would end up with only a 6 patch beside it one side and a 10 patch on the other side!!! hummmm????

and I finally got the iron on interfacing for the centers of these blocks and got them prepped for stitching-
there is 20 blocks in this series--
I got this pattern a few years ago on a shop hop and went right home and made up the blocks using
30's prints and even got the baskets traced on them and then they sat and sat--
I figure if I can get one stitched per week--that I just might get them done this year--
there is alot of stitching on each one--
but so far I am already behind--this is all I got done last week!!!!

Still out each day taking photos and having lunch on the dock--
( we did not get any of the Tropical storm Colin here--just a small bit of rain!!)
This is Mrs Rocky--she usually comes out each day when I am down there for old bread that another tenant feeds her--she has a least 3 babies she is feeding too--she is so sweet!!!
love and laughter, di