Sunday, December 3, 2017


But just haven't any photos to show for it--
Do you remember when a fabric company did a mix up in my order???
well this is the two actual fabrics that I did order--
the pink one is for the backing on the pink and lime green quilt--
which I have decided to send to my friend Anne for Christmas as she
mentioned that she liked pink and lime green--so she will finish it-
I love the mason jars with the candy canes in them--
just  have 'no' idea right now how I will use this one???

I also got 16 of these made--
and they will be Christmas gifts--
wonder what they are?????

Have done some Christmas shopping--
and am now getting things together for boxes that get mailed--
hope to mail them by Friday--at least that is the plan!!!

I am not doing any decorating--until all the packages have been mailed!!
So probably not until next week end!!

So how is your Christmas plans coming along???



  1. I like those mason jars too. Very cute! I have an idea about what you are creating, so I will wait and see if I am right! I am trying to do everything at once, so I tubs and boxes everywhere.

  2. Love both lots of fabric..
    All my Christmas plans are going well. Parcels posted and like you will put up the tree and decorations next week.

  3. I'm not doing much for Christmas this year, but I guess I better get a couple of packages ready to mail.

  4. The pretty Christmas prints are so nice. I looked at Christmas throws online this morning. I would love to have something new...a cheery throw maybe! Enjoy your day! Hugs, Diane PS I'm having a giveaway! Hurry on over!

  5. The mason jar and candy cane fabric is adorable. Are you making. Double point knitting needle holders?

  6. Both fabrics are really cute. Hope you were able to get your packages all wrapped and mailed last week. I finally dug the wrapping paper out Thursday night. Tree and other decorations are waiting till the SIT is home on Friday.


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