Wednesday, December 20, 2017


I went on a 'playdate' yesterday--
with Carolyn--another tenant here--
we first had to return some Library books
and pick up a couple--
then we went over on Beach side and
went to a cute little thrift store--
and here is what I walked out with--
I love the texture on this red stocking--
and it is velvety soft--
and only cost me 50 cents (was a dollar--but on sale for half price)
and the movie is brand new,  still in the wrapper and was $2--
but again got it for a dollar
and this tea cup was just $2--
and of course I had to get that--
it has pink flowers on it--
and look at the inside of the cup--
it's a light pink--how cool is that???
and this cup is bone china--
and is in perfect condition--
anyone want to come and have a cup of tea with me????

Then we went to the beach--the tide was way out--
and that was interesting-
-we were at the dog park part of the beach--
so got to see me and got to pet me some doggies!!

Then we had to come back over here to the mainland to Staples--
cause even though I thought I had enough ink for the printer until the first of the year---
some little elves must of done alot of printing and used up all the pink color!!!
(must have been all the Christmas blocks someone has been printing off!!)
the good news was I had a $10 off coupon towards the ink--!!!

I am back to working on the hand quilting on this quilt--
my goal is to get this one done this week--
so that next week I can hand quilt the little blue snowman one--
and I would like to get the last wool block done-
though I haven't even prepped that--
and I need to finish this project--
so I don't have time to be bored--
oh and DD called and wants to know when we can get together to bake cookies--????

so even though you are rushing through the days now to get ready for Santa--
don't forget to --
                   ENJOY THE MOMENTS, DI


  1. Sounds like you're having all kinds of fun this Christmas. Have fun baking (and eating) those cookies!!

  2. You found the most beautiful tea cup...the pink inside is gorgeous! The movie will be fun to watch too. And it's interesting about the tide being so far out. I wish I had been at the ocean, looking for seashells! We just got back from the Golf Cart parade and everyone was in shorts! It's crazy warm, isn't it? Holiday hugs!

  3. I'd love to come to tea! your embroidery is looking great xx

  4. What a great play date! Hope you find some time for both cookie baking and stitching.

  5. I love that teacup! And I wish I could visit you for tea :)
    Enjoy your sewing - I am still doing the mad rush thing to get everything just right for Christmas. The tree is now up and your star is hanging on it xx

  6. Wishing you the very Merriest of Christmases


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