Saturday, January 6, 2018


I am talking about Blue fabric scraps--
I could be talking about my body--
it is blue with cold these days--
I really really thought someone said I had moved to the Sunshine State--
and that is Florida--where it is always warm---
something went wrong--

I did make the new block from from the Rainbow scrap challenge for January--
That Mari and Angela have made on their posts--
Here is mine--I did the 10 1/2 " one--
I like that size for this kind of block--
and I really liked this design
 thought it a bit different from the regular blocks--
so thanks Mari and Angela for doing this block--

And another tiny baby sweater is ready for  it's buttons--
Well--I know there is more news --
but you will have to tune in tomorrow for that--
I have to go figure out how to get OMG and

the RAINBOW Challenge buttons on my side bar!!!!

Enjoy, di


  1. Love your blue block! I worked with blues today, too. I'm going to combine two online projects each month. Stay tuned.

  2. Your RSC sampler block looks great! I've just been working on mine this afternoon.

  3. Wow, that was fast! I love how your block turned out! Lovely fabrics.

  4. Lovely block! You’re off and running. Now, just stay warm!

  5. Love that Blue block Di...
    Such a sweet cardigan. will be needed with cold weather you've been having.

  6. Your BLUE Sampler block and that baby sweater are so pretty!! Looking forward to seeing more blocks and other projects, too.

  7. I like the blue block. Keep warm - maybe snuggle in a couple of quilts:)
    Minus 19 celsius here yesterday, a bit warmer today only -11 :))
    Stella and I keep each other warm, but not so easy to get anything done then :))

  8. I love your blue block Di - and the wee cardi is gorgeous - it looks like you've been busy!

  9. Very pretty RSC block. I've got one started, but it's not done yet. Love the rainbow sweater, that is so cute! Hopefully it's warmed up some. The SIT was in Gainsville all last week and she was glad she had her winter coat with her.


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