Tuesday, March 6, 2018


I kept hearing  my brother, Jim talk about "woofies"--
and according to the '3 cat ranch' site--
that is always dogs that her one cat is afraid of--
but in my brother's house--
Woofie's mean something a bit different--
This is his 'Woofie'-
See it is a cookie jar--
but not just any cookie jar--
it holds--
Dog cookies and when you open the lid--
it howls like a 'wolf'!!!
Which makes these 2 'kids' very happy when one opens the lid--
cause they both get a cookie!!!

How do you like the expression on Hazels face--
she is a very expressive dog with her ears--
here she is listening with them--
and here she has them sitting right straight up--
she was so funny most of the time--

Now a story about a quilt--
before I left to go away--I was remembering a quilt I had done in the past--
and missed it and all the work I had done on it and wondered 'who' had gotten it--
the first night as I walked past Jim and Val's bedroom to get to mine--
I seen in on the foot board of their bed--
I got so excited--
Oh--that is baby brother and his wife Val holding it up for me--
I had loved stitching this one--
and couldn't believe I had given it away--
I seen who I had given it too--
it has a good home with them--
and here is my favorite block in this quilt--
That last block--if I still had this pattern--
I think I would stitch me another block and put it in the center of a small quilt!!!

Also I forgot to do my --
report for last week--
****Days stitched this week--5 days
****Days stitched this month--28 days
****Total days this year--59 days
****Total hours this week--2 3/4 hours
End of February report--
Stitched all 28 days--for a total of 59 days this year
stitched a total of hours this month--25 1/2 hours
Total stitching time this year--48 1/2 hours
Happy stitching everyone!!



sunny said...

I'm glad you discovered that your quilt had found a good home! I'm starting to give away more of mine - I have too many, and just keep making more.

Joy from Days Filled With Joy said...

Aren't the doggies cute :) Lovely quilt and family... xx

Raewyn said...

It seems like you had found the perfect home for your quilt; it sure is lovely. Cute 'cookie' jar - and dogs as well :-)

Kate said...

That cookie jar is way to much fun. I can see why woofie is one popular pooch. Congrats on finding all the stitching time. Thank you for linking up last week.