Monday, April 30, 2018


This month--
as all of sudden I realized I was 'running' out --
of days left in the month--to --
finish my OMG for April--
First off--how and when did it even become April--
and how could it go sooo fast and tomorrow be
May 1st--where have I been when all this was going on????

But I did get my goal finished--

The Shabby Roses quilt--
finished the binding on it late last night--before bed!!

and it is now hung up on the wall for me to enjoy this month--
while I work on May's quilt!!!
***Total hand quilting hours--22 hours
and about 2 hours with hand stitching the binding on--!!!

And I did take a minute and hung the Bee quilt up so I could get a photo of it--
full length--
So here is a look at all 5 rows--

Now to decide on May's quilting project--
and maybe a sal for the month of May--
using hearts--so see ya later--gotta go for now!!


Sunday, April 29, 2018


I finally did get the top done for the Bee Blocks--
I stitched in 2016 as a bom--
and remember that I already started to put the top together--
once last year--2017--!!!
and it went from here to this--
and we I decided it as way too busy and you really did not see all the stitching
and coloring of each block--
so I had "frogged" all the lattice rows and just had the pile of blocks that is in the first photo--
and now here the Bees are--
(didn't find anyone tall enough to hold it up for me to take the photo--
there is 5 rows all together here--
I am still not sure I love like it--but--this IS the way it is staying!!
I have bought sooo much fabric to finish this one -
it is not even 'funny'--
I will probably use some of them to piece a backing for it!!!

***** Days stitched last 2 weeks--12 out of 14
***** Days stitched this month --so far--26 out of 29
*****Total hours stitched last 2 weeks--13 1/2 hours
****Total hours stitched this month--so far--22 1/4 hours
and I am happy to say that the hand quilting on the Shabby Roses quilt--
which is this months project is done--
and the binding is sewn on for the first step--
just need to do the hand sewing to tack it down--
so I think I will make my OMG for April????

           ENJOY EACH STITCH--

Thursday, April 26, 2018


This was a fun area to stitch--
am going to work my way up from the bottom--
next section has 2 bunnies in it!!!
And I did get this block finished with embroidery--

Again I focused on this month's 'color of the month' for the colors on this block--
and just call me the Thread Lady--
cause no matter how careful I am when I take photos of my blocks--
there is always at least '1' thread--that shows up in them!!!
Here is the 3 blocks so far for this bom!!
Wonder what next months word will be and what our color will be???
and talking about next month--
Di has to really concentrate on her hand quilting to get her OMG done this month--
there is only 4 more days to finish it--
and just lets say---
she really needs to 'push' it now!!!

                  Enjoy the Sunshine--Di

Sunday, April 22, 2018


well--off and on--but we need every drop of rain right now--

I again had problems with the breathing last week--
so spent the end of the week sitting quietly--
and worked on this project--
The ABC's and the words are now all stitched in on the Spring sampler--
and --
I did finish the Hats which I showed you yesterday--
and have started a new stitchery--
and did some hand quilting and knitting--
so I do keep somewhat busy even when I am 'quiet'--

I am scheduled to get the air conditioner taken out and flushed out on Wednesday--
to remove the mold--and though that won't completely stop the 'stuff' in the air that is
causing me problems--it should help make it better for me--so we will see???
I have also bought another air purifying machine--so I am working on it on my end--
but how does one control what 'others' put in the air--or what cleaning products places use to clean with or what they put in air freshener machines in the building--and don't forget living in the south there is the ever present spraying for bugs that goes on!!  ( now I knew before moving down about the spraying for bugs--just did not know about alot of the other stuff--and if you keep adding one chemical on top of another--guess what--you are creating an even 'bigger new chemical reaction'
and we have to breathe it and our skin absorbs it---sooo????)
I never know if to say/explain things on here as to what is going on health wise with me--is welcome-
but even if I give one person -- pauses and thinks --or maybe is to be able understand a family member or friend who might have MCS as I have--then I am thankful--so thanks for reading and listening!!

          Enjoy the weather today--di

Saturday, April 21, 2018


now --as Now I can--
 go to the 2nd part of this quilt--
but first here is the 9th Hat--
and now here is all 9 of them in a group--
I have seen at least '2' different ways that others have finished off these blocks--
I think I know how I want to do them--
but only time will tell??????


And no body even tried to guess which quilt I am working on--
it is this one
The Bee block one we did in 2016--
It has taken me a few days of  'auditioning' different fabrics to decide where to go with this one--
but I think I now have a plan--
But this week sounds a bit busy--
at least the first 3 days--


And I haven't showed any knitted baby sweaters in a while--
but I am still knitting them--

Two more done and ready for buttons--

Tomorrow I will show what I have mainly worked on this week since Wed--???

               Enjoy each stitch--di

Tuesday, April 17, 2018


that is this months color--
as you seen with my kite blocks--
now it was time for me to make the 10" blocks--
and I used the new yellow fabric I picked up last week--
then I decided to do a second one this month
in the 2nd color --
and this one I did do one block different--did the center block the same color
as the other 4--so it looks like a 9 patch in the middle--
This was an easy block to do--

And on the Hat front--
two more are done--

this one is blues with a bit of olive green on it--

this one is in mulberry pink family--
do wished the colors showed up better on these--
so --
now I just have #9 to make--
and I did get the threads decided on this afternoon---

And I am doing some other sewing--
sewing blocks together today on a quilt top from-- 2016--
got the 5 rows sewed together--
this is one that I had already done the rows to-
but that 'pesky' seam ripper got 'happy' and tore it all apart--
can anyone remember which one that was?????
(might be a prize here for whoever remembers!!)


Sunday, April 15, 2018


That I have actually gotten the second--
ABC- Stitcher's stitchery finished--
but here it is --
hot off the press---
So for --
Here it is--
a few slow stitching Sunday's went into this one--
and I finished it about 4pm or so today--
and see that line of white stitching going up the right side of the stitchery???
I ran out of the thread--with just about an inch of stitching to do--none in the thread box--
so went through the trash basket and found one  piece with just enough length to it to finish it!!!!

and here is the Two I have now finished since the first of the year--
The next one is the  Spring one that I am going to do--
have all the supplies to start that one sometime this week--
OHHHH--and you do know I have stitched on these "other" days than just Sundays!!!!

and I have a two week report to do for--

***** Days stitched this month --14 out of 15 days--
**** Hours stitched last week--4.75 hours
**** Hours stitched this week--3.50 hours
Remember this challenge is for my hand quilting--
The day I missed was yesterday--
somehow--I forgot to do my time on it--I was tired last night--so that might be one excuse--
the other one is--I have the blocks done--now need to decide how to do the lattice and borders--
and I usually have a plan--but the plan hasn't found me yet!!

On Friday I got to go to Hobby Lobby--
and some new baby yarn came home with me--
I know the reddish ones are new--and I think the 2 blue on the other end are new--
not sure about the 2 in the middle!!!!

and some new fabrics--
I got all that was left of the butterfly one--over a yard and half there--
the bottom one I think goes with a line I have in my stash--??????
the rest are just quarter yard cuts for the stash--already have a plan though for the yellow one
as this month's color is yellow--

Am waiting on a line of storms headed this way--
at least that is what the weather guy is still saying--
we do need more rain that is for sure--!!

Have a great Stitching week ahead Friends--
enjoy, di

Tuesday, April 10, 2018


Yep-- I am up to '6' hats finished--
as far as the embroidery on them go that is---
Here is hat #5--
Pretty in pink--
I did use 3 shades of pink on this one--though here it is hard to see that!!!

and Hat #6--
I like yellow and blue together--
but  think maybe I should of used a darker blue to go with the nice yellow--
oh wellll---
and now just '3' more to go!!!!
and finally--
someone gave me get out of Jail card--
the hallways are a bit better--
and this morning I was finally able to go down and do a huge laundry!!!
but now the whole apartment --even with 2 air purifying machines running 24/7--
smells like the hall ways--or maybe that chemical smell is permanently in my nose!!!!!
look at this photo---
Yeppp--there is water --standing water in our --
sometimes pond--
we got some nice rain today--and in fact it is still raining slow and steady--
the grass, trees, shrubs and birds are all a singin!!!


Saturday, April 7, 2018


I really missed making the kite block--
so now that it is a new month --
and a new color--
I got to play again--
and here is bright yellow kite--
that I made yesterday--
then this morning--some gold fabrics
jumped out of the bin unto the table--
so what is one suppose to do--
but make a gold one!!!

And yesterday another Hat block got stitched--
as you can see I did do mine more like the drawing--
than the sample--
these are also addicting!!!
though I haven't gotten any stitched or even started today--
instead I did a bit of counted cross stitching!!

And 'yes' I am still--
The scent they used this month is very very strong--
I did venture out today for mail--
and everyone is complaining that it is too strong this time--
so it is not just me--though it doesn't seem to be making the others have
the breathing problems I am--oh well--
at least I don't get bored being in  'jail'!!!

These guys have been working outside with this 'red' pile
all day--
and the one in the t-shirt has shoveled all of it into the wheel barrows all by himself
all day--it was one of our warmer days too--though we do still have a bit of breeze--
so not really high humidity!!!
Now if it would just rain--and I mean rain--not sprinkle!!!
everything is dying here--even the Palm trees--that is how bad it is right now!!!

Ok--what did you sew this week end??