Sunday, March 31, 2019


It's time to continue on with the 'story'
for this past week--


a warmer day--but overcast--
But I was excited cause after lunch it was clear enough that I could walk up to
the Yarn shop and show Sue how far I had gotten on the Magic Loop socks--
and to have a nice visit--though the visit did get cut short a bit as it got really dark
outside and I was afraid of a downpour--so headed home and stopped by Glen Mkt
for another loaf of homemade Cracked wheat bread!!

When I got here--I was greeted with the fact--
that we had NO water--the water main in the one building had broken--
Water--we so depend on that don't we--for washing, flushing a toilet, showering,
washing clothes and dishes----
and for some--drinking--
but I order Spring water for drinking--so I was safe there--
and they did get the water back on around 5pm--so that was good!!!!

this is a hard day for me every year--
If my granddaughter had lived she would of been 30 years today--
(my daughter was in a car accident when she was 6 months along--
and they lost the baby's heart beat--and she delivered Nicole 36 hours after the accident)

So here is all of last weeks sewn onto the body of the hexie's-
this is really growing--13 weeks worth of Inchies and 3 full months worth--
this has been an Adventure for sure--
and an enjoyable one--Thanks Shell @

Last day of March--
Oh my--so what happened 3 times --Di--
that darn fire alarm went off 3 times in one week--is what--
it went off again --yesterday--Saturday at lunch time!!
Just a bit of smoke someone cooking--I guess!!!!

I also did this one this morning--
Cause--tomorrow we will start a new month--

Now for a couple reports--
I will be working on this project when I get off here--
and watching the races today--

This is the third one I am working on--
I am way behind--there is 8--opps--
I have only 8--but I need to go check--as there might me 9???????

And for this one--
I have stitched 7/7 days this week--
But only did about 7 1/2 hours this week--
and have stitched every day so far this year!!
I need to pick that up some--though I did do alot of knitting this past week--
and am reading a book--soooo!!!!

Well--that's all she wrote for this week--
Have a wonderful week everyone--


Carol said...

(((Di))) so sorry about your granddaughter! She's watching down on you all the time, I know!

Oh my on the water outage! That's always awful...and those fire alarms! geesh!

Hope this month goes well with you! Maybe you'll get some good news about a new "home"?!

Kim said...

I am saddened to read of your daughter's accident and your granddaughter not surviving all those years ago. This time of the year would be very difficult for you. It is amazing how much we depend on water in every asect of our lives. It is a good thing that you buy drinking water. Your hexie pretty is coming along fabulously. There is so much to see in this project. Love, too your stitchery you are embroidering.

Kate said...

So sorry about the loss of your granddaughter. You definitely didn't need the other challenges last week. Hopefully this week will be better on that front.

Alice said...

So sorry about your granddaughter. That is really sad. Glad the water was turned on somewhat quickly. Hope it all gets better in April!!

Anne-Lise at Rag, Tag, Bobtail said...

So sorry to hear of your family's loss. Big hug, Di.
I don't mind being without electricity - I can manage, but I hate it when we are without water :)ø

Jennifer said...

What a neat project and how wonderful to remember your granddaughter in it.