Sunday, April 21, 2019


time for a bit of  'catch up' on the week--

now let me see--
On Thursday--
I did walk over to the yarn shop and sat and visited with my friend Sue--
who works there and yes--
I did pet some yarn--
but walked out with out any--this time!!!!!

Ohh--wait think I for got about Wednesday-
that was the day that Anne came this week--
we took a little trip up the hill aways to the cemetery--
to check on some grave sites--
I took a wood cross with purple silk flowers to leave there on my parents site--
My Mom passed in 1996
My Dad passed in 2000
and now lil sister, Barbara in 2019--
so that was Wednesday's Inchy--

I went to Walmart--
and had bought a new bird feeder and hung it up--
I made sure that the top 2 holes where large so the squirrel could get  food--
but--my 'squirrel'--
was a very bad squirrel and actually broke off large pieces of the plastic to get to the food--
that got taken down--guess I will only feed them on the ground from now on!!!
Can you make out all the little birds there too!!
( it was funny watching them--the squirrel doesn't mine the little birds--
but when some larger black birds came he kinda jumped a bit at them and
they got scared and flew off--then back to eating everyone went!!)

I had also gotten a 6-pk of tiny white flowers to plant in the barrel--
and got that done--
really makes a difference when I look out the window now!!! 

Saturday's Inchy is a-
 basket of colored eggs--
I had 5 eggs--and a coloring kit--
so I did just 5 eggs--
I really like coloring eggs every year--
I guess I will always be a kid at heart --at least at Easter time--
now if someone would just hide some eggs for me to find--with money in them--
I would be outta here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

On my door today--
I found a bag and in it was this basket--
It was from a tenant in here--
and the really funny part is--
I found it hanging on my door when I went out to hang one on her door!!!!
In side the basket was--
She knows I don't eat alot of sweets--
Can you guess what that pink and white thing is beside the card?????
I will tell you and show you more tomorrow--
I also have some stitching finishes to show you then--

But as today is an important day--
and a day to remember this--
I will leave you all with this--
                                                             FROM  DI


  1. I'm stumped! What a great little present on your door. Love your eggs and Happy Easter to you.

  2. How nice to hang a basket on each other's doors..I'm also stumped ????
    Lovely inchies again and naughty squirrel.. I see five wee birds...

  3. Happy Easter Di! Love that you did the eggs..! xx

  4. I am REALLY liking your "inchie" project. What a great way to remember all the "little" things that happen during the year, as well as the memorable ones.

    I also LOVE your big flower barrel! It's funny to watch squirrels...and birds...!

    I used to have a birdfeeder, but had to put it away because it attracted way too many pigeons and they would not let all the little birds near!


  5. I see you are still managing to come up with little tidbits for your hexies. Some interesting choices this time.

  6. You have me laughing over the "bad" squirrel hexie. I do like the one for your parents and sister too. Very nice and thoughtful.


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