Sunday, July 14, 2019


remember when we used to dress up for every Sunday???
Well--I do have lots of things to show you--

I did something that I have done,,only, once or twice before--
and it was time to do it again--
and that was wash some clothes--
My dolly clothes that is--
This doll is about 40 years old--
along with the cat beside her--
(I also do alot of geese at the time I made these--
there were lots of more of both--but I never kept one for myself--
these were the ones I gave my Mom--and after she died in 1996 I got them back!)
When I was cleaning a last week I realized that Missy needed some clean clothes--
and now as I was downloading and checking the photo--guess what I discovered???
the little mouse on the cats tail is the same fabric--how 'funny' is that?????
this was Thursday's night sunset--

I also have known for a few months now that I needed to do some other
can you guess what needed washing????

Counted cross stitching projects--
the this gal with the frying pan--was done by my DD when she was 16 or 17-
all the others I have done and these are some of the older ones--
the 4 little ones in the second photo are some I did when I went to Zephrhills, Florida
 to visit my parents when they came to Fl for the winters--that is over on the West side-
and was back in the late 80's early 90's)
they look much better now--believe me--alot of the frames where getting old and
in disrepair--so I have taken them out--not sure how or when they well get back to
display mode--but they will be all ready and waiting when the time comes--
(ps--I have lot more to do yet--this week hopefully!!)

the morning was spent doing a couple loads of laundry and
working on the Inchy's getting last weeks stitched on to the body of the
hexie quilt--
in the afternoon--
I went to an Ice Cream social over to the yarn shop--
and I was a good girl--
and didn't have any--they had all kinds of sweets--but--
with me being 'sweet' enough already--I didn't have any--
I also made it out with buying anything--
the one skein I did want was $40.00!!!!
I did visit with a nice lady that was there from out of town--

Later when I was home I got an "upsetting" phone call from a friend--
and boy then I was ready for a ice cream sundae with all the fixings!!!!!!!!!!!
luckily by then the Yarn shop was closed---

Lots of "critter" folks showed up today for the seed party--
at one time there was '5' squirrels out there--oh no!!!
Red did show up first though--good thing hu????

I took this one a couple days ago--
Two Reds---
until the one spotted the other one and then the chase was on!!!!

and I thought this one was cute--
Red is saying--I wonder if I stay behind him--if he will see me???

I got my fabric order in--
but I was upset with the white fabric--
I had ordered "Bleached white"--me thinking Bleached would mean--white white--
you know like bleached out white--welllll--it is a very off white--almost an unbleached white--
so I had to go back online and order white--luckily one of my companies had free shipping
that day--but it often takes this company 2 weeks to get here--
but here is the 2 charm packs--
the one on the left is for this project--
a couple years --working off and on on this one--
the other one is--
love these cute sayings!!!
Wonder why Di would like this set--hummm???????????????

yep--even this male cardinal--fly's in each day for a seed or two and then he is off--

and today's slow stitching will be--
with a good movie--
as the race was on last night--
it had a great finish, too!!!!!




  1. My goodness, Di, you HAVE been busy this week! Glad you were able to wash the old clothes and stitchery without any problems. It's so hot here, I've been hibernating indoors.

  2. I just love the old stitches. I recognize the quilt one in the bottom right from days past. And the teddy bear is adorable. I made bunny dolls back in the 90's. I still have a boy and girl dressed in patriotic clothing whose clothes could probably use a washing too. Enjoyed seeing our oldies.

  3. Love those tiny stitcheries... especially the ice cream cone with the X!
    So creative! Enjoy your slow stitching!

  4. Another busy week doing some special washing , stitching your hexies and going for a nice outing...
    Love the photo of the squirrels...

  5. I love that little doll and remember well getting dressed up for church when I was growing up. And getting nice clothes as part of our gifts at Christmas. I love the ocean inspired fabric! How pretty! Hugs!

  6. Those cross stitch samplers are so sweet! Love your new fabric :) xx


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