Sunday, July 21, 2019


It seems that I am about a week behind in a post--
except for the 'WHAT' post mid week????

So lets see--
Last Sunday's Inchy was--
I do love watching and enjoying nature--
especially in the mornings while I am stitching at the window--
That Sunday--
I ended up with 5--yep--5 squirrels came to check out the 'vittles'!!!
I think the 5th one at this time is running up and down the tree!!!

we got our 3rd block for the Christmas in July

stitch along from Joy's site--
and I got it stitched up--
block 2 was--
and block 1 was--
I had a spool of thin silver Metallica thread that I used for the outline of the ornament--
these were easy, fast and fun to do--
tomorrow we will get the finishing instructions!!

is Anne's day--
and we did go out to lunch--
this small diner has been open for many years--
the one son and his wife run it now--
and here is the quilt top Anne brought me for 'show and tell'--

those in the middle are some I made and gave her--
in the evening we had a nice thunder storm!!!

And we can remember what---
Wednesday's Inchy is--
a couple other things happened on Wednesday--
that also made me say--What??????

I got to met a new friend--

Violet is a 4 month old doxie pup--
and belongs to Anne's daughter Kim--
Kim has a small shop here in downtown (seamstress)
so I stopped in to see her--one very sweet dog!!
then I went on to the yarn shop for a bit and visited with Sue--

does this look like a ring???

this ring is my favorite ring I have ever owned--
and I used to wear it every single day--
but somewhere along the line I had stopped wearing it--
I was going through my small bag of jewelry on Friday and found it--
so have it out for now--
I got this ring many years ago--early 80's maybe even late 70's at a rummage sale
for---25 cents (also got a couple others) all have solid gold bands and it might even be
an actual sapphire  stone--??????

Now Saturday--
I had a wonderful surprise--
I was sitting at the table watching out the window while --trying--to stitch--
and I had a lovely visitor--
fly in and get some nectar from 4 tiny red blooms on my one plant--

and quick as a wink--I got 3 photos of her before she flew off--
she did not come to the window feeder--
and this plant doesn't have a lot of blooms--
so you can bet on what I will be buying at Walmart tomorrow????

Wood Play--is causing me headaches this time--
it seems I have to keep unstitching everything I stitch in--
First I found this--
can you see where the letters--"wer" are down one set of stitches???
fixed them--
now I was also off about 4-5 stitches when I got the bird on the branch done--
and I could not find out why????
then one day I was moving the stitchery around--
and it just jumped out at me--

The 'm' on bloom---has '3' loops--instead of 2--???????
wonder who did that?????????
so it got fixed--
and the 'beat goes on'--
yep--I did more 'boo's'--but hopefully each time I have caught them--
I am getting down to nearly being done with this one--one or two more stitching times--
and hopefully it will be finished!!!



  1. Great week of inchies....
    Oops 🙊, I didn't see the mistakes in your cross stitch till you showed us...
    Good on you for fixing them

  2. Love those ornament stitcheries. Very pretty, the silver thread is perfect. Nice humming bird photos, those little birdies move so fast it's hard to catch them.

  3. I'm glad you are getting so much stitching done! Your venue in the mornings sounds lovely...watching the wildlife by the planter. :-)

    Stay cool this weekend, Di!

  4. Lovely stitching Di! Love the way you did the ornaments! xx


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