Sunday, July 25, 2021


 I think I am being a 'hare' this month-

I have been busy with needle and thread--only--

it seems like it has taken me long time to do the stitching on the projects--most of them have been embroidery and alot of hand quilting--and not much at the sewing machine--

I did get the last block of the 'stay at home' ones done from Joy's blog site--

remember I do color mine in--using crayons on this series--I am now officially all caught up til next months block on this bom!!

And I did get the 3 little pin cushions made--

They are small--the other 2 are gifts --this one is mine--maybe???


I finished these up that I had cut and laid out --
now I really need to start working on the trims and beading on these hexies!!  I did finally order the special templates to make these 'block' looking hexagons!

Wonder what 'Di' is doing with these???
I moved my floor lamps around and this is the first time I took a photo at the cutting table since I did that and I can see that this lamp is 'no' good for taking photos here--gives a 'pinkish' tint to everything--always something!!!!  You will have to wait to see where these are going--yes--I can be mean now and then!!!!!!

Just ask this 'poor' project--just how mean I am--as 'she' took the seam ripper to the 'round' hexie shape that she created with all these hexies back in 2019 --Wonder where that crazysilly lady is going with this mess now???????

And here is what the new counted cross stitching project that she is working on-

I think the color of the star is too light--there is a total of 3 on this border--so now I have to decide if I am taking out that first one and changing the color or not?????




  1. Pretty block and tiny pincushions….
    Oh you’re going to be putting all your hexies together Yeh ! Enjoy!
    Stay safe and well.

  2. Ok - the wile e coyote indent on the truck is awesome! So many Saturday morning memories watching that cartoon. You are making great progress.... the hand work sure is turtle time work.

  3. Cute pincushion! I think I agree on the star being too light - at least by the photo. So what did you decide?
    Stay safe. Hugs!

  4. Ah, I forgot you were taking all you hexies apart. Can't wait to see what they become next. Remember, stitching is not a race. Just do what you enjoy, and take all the time you need. You always have so many cute projects, I don't know how you decide what to work on next!

  5. Yay, you and I are both caught up on my BOM, haha! Love how you are coloring yours in xx


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