Sunday, January 29, 2023


 I'm late, I'm late--but I made it--late or not!!!

I am late cause when I got up this morning--I decided I had made one of my blue blocks too large--so had to redo it this afternoon and it has some applique in it-so that took some time !!!

I realized yesterday that I had not done anything with the 'blues' so far this month--as the color of the month--so had to put my thinking 'cap' on and do some looking and planning and I came up with '2' projects for this year-(well actually I think there is more than '2'--but all we got done so far is '2'!!!!

This is the first one--

I still need to sew the strips together--but first I need to do a bit more to the middle one--top and bottom--or-- I am thinking about doing a bit more--we will see--this block is 9" square when finished--you know me and hearts--I first did a 12" square--but decided the hearts where just too long--

these will not go to waste--I will use them in something???

And the second block for another quilt in this years color of the month is this one--

Can you guess what this quilt is going to be about????

And I am doing Joy's Winter stitch along and I am happy to say I am actually caught up on this one til this Friday when the 3rd step comes out--

I am using the thread line called Wildflowers--and the candles are done in 2 shades of purple!!

I also got the 2 counted cross stitch projects finished off--

and here is an embroidery piece that I don't believe I have showed yet--finished this back end of December--I think???

And--thankfully--I am feeling alot better (but then we just started 'Oak' season here in Florida for the next 2-3 months--and Oak and I don't get along--so time will tell????

So this past week I did some cooking and baking--

These are Lemon cupcakes (made from a mix) Anne in NY used to make these all the time and share them with me--it's been 3 1/2 years since I had one--yummmm!!!!

And I am back to spring cleaning (or maybe it's late Fall cleaning!!)

And this poor cabinet got cleaned off and that drawer--well--lets just say the last time I tried to find something in it--it was impossible--I ended up with one bag of stuff that went down on the free table--I still need to decorate the top of it--by putting some of my tea cup and saucers back up there--but first my next job is to redo all my quilts???

Well that's all for this week--blog friends--hope all is going well in your world this week--keep those needles 'flyin'

Hugs, di



Are you working on any Valentine crafts--I am!!

Maria said...

No , no Valentine stuff yet!
Boy Di you’re working on so many lovely projects.
Great RSC block with the hearts and squares.

Julierose said...

Love those blue Hearts--so neat!!Good for you finishing the cross stitcheries...they are really lovely hugs, Julierose

Raewyn said...

Lovely stitching and sewing Di - the heart block is going to be a great RSC project. Good on you with the tidying and baking - that wouldn't go amiss in my house!

Kate said...

Your RSC block is really fun and different. Those should make a very cute quilt when they are all done. You've been busy on the stitching front and the spring cleaning front. I'm still in decluttering mode, it's been interesting what I find lurking in cabinets that haven't been opened in awhile.