Monday, March 5, 2018


Oh my goodness--
I am doing this post back in Melbourne--
came home last evening--
someone forgot to send me a 'memo' on how many--
oak trees there is on the west coast--ouch!!
I did not really have a 'voice' the whole time I was there--
but then one doesn't need much of a voice to go --
On Saturday we did get around and took off late morning--
our first stop was near Clearwater--
and this is what I walked out with--
These and --
2 more prints to go with some I had gotten on Friday--
and this cute Easter print--
and this is where I got them--
OH my goodness--
what a store--
look at these photos--

And these photos are just the beginning of what is in this store--
lots and lots of space and lots and lots of fabrics--
( along with books, patterns, notions--on and on it went)
and very nicely displayed--
what fun I had in here--
my sil also bought some fabric and a book--
and after we left and was in the car--
my brother said something about a discount--
and I said--yes the lady who rung me up--made sure I knew she had given me a discount--
I was thinking it might be 10% off--
it was 35% off day--are you kidding me--
I wanna go back!!!!!
On just what little I bought I saved nearly $25!!!!

Then we drove north of there about 20 minutes to Tarpon Springs--
where they wanted to take me for lunch--
and here is where you had to get your name on the list to get in--
we wanted to be on the deck--(they also had a dinning room, and  Bar area)
we had an hour wait time--
but I did not faint or pass out from hunger--but it was close!!!
the deck was not very large--but was outside and faced an island area and water--
and right beside the dock was 2 large fishing boats--
and on the water was alot of Pelicans--
and  over on the island was more--
and the whole time we had us Security Guard--
this guy!!!
we had a yummy meal and even some leftover to take up to the pupsters!!!

It was a fun time with my brother Jim and my sil, Val--
and I can't wait to go back again for another visit--
but will wait until the oak trees are done doing their "thing"--
now we have them here too--but not nearly as many--
the parking lot is done and looking great and they did repaving--
so it was smelly for a couple days--but not real bad now--!!!



  1. Very cool shop! You were a good girl though. Awesome discount. I want to go next time!

  2. Looks like you had fun! We've been to Tarpon Springs twice, but didn't stay very long either time. Nice little town with great food - and the Greek pastries . . . . .

  3. Another great day out... thanks for sharing.

  4. You have had fun! I like the treasures you found in those great shops :)


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