Monday, March 26, 2018


But first another finish--
this is the second block from Alice/Joy's bom--
and I used 'green' for the focus thread color-
as this months color of the month is green--
so now we have 2 blocks done-
one in purples and one in greens!!!
thanks girls!!

Yep--a stalker!!
went out for a short walk and came to a turn in the trail-
and there was this guy--
a very dangerous and fierce looking critter--

I spoke kindly to him/her--
and I am afraid he/she remembered my voice--
and knew I was the peanut lady--
unfortunately I had NO peanuts with me today--
so I kept walking on by him--
but a bit further down the path--I looked and guess 'who' I saw??
I stopped-- so he stopped--
then he decided he wasn't 'cute' enough--already!!
so he posed for me--
Hey I know you are 'cute'--
but I really don't have any peanuts in my pocket--
so I kept going--
and went and sat on the bench in the small flower garden--
across the parking lot--
and look who followed me--
Poor guy--
guess I better start taking some peanuts with me, in my pockets,
on my next walk!!!!
                            ENJOY, DI


  1. I love the stalker ..... To cute .....

  2. How wonderful ... such a cute little stalker!! Your blocks are looking gorgeous Di. Happy creative week to you Xxx

  3. Of course he/she remembers the peanut lady! Fill your pockets :)

  4. Such a sweet little tag along. I don't know what it is but squirrels hate me. My daughter and I will go to a park and she talks to them and come right up to her and show off. They take one look at me and charge right at me! It's a bit sad because I have the same problem with the ducks in our area. The start squawking at me and flap their wings and run towards me. I was trapped in my car once and hubby hat to shoo them away lol

  5. Shame on you for not having peanuts!I am sure he will be waiting for next time. Your blocks look awesome!

  6. Very pretty stitching in your embroidery blocks. Maybe he just liked your company even if you didn't have the peanuts.


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