Sunday, March 25, 2018


Reports I have a couple--
lets do this one--
For this week --
this was a two day event--
I started this one yesterday--Saturday--
and by this afternoon I had all the words and letters done--
and it is a good thing--
cause the author just released the Spring sampler--
and I can't wait to work on it--
but first I have to order it and the cloth and some threads--
so ---
I have to keep working on this one--so that when the spring order gets here--
in a couple weeks-I can start that one!!!!!!!!!!!

and now for my weekly report for--
****** Days stitched this week--7 out of 7
******Days stitched this month--24 out of 25
***** Total hours stitched this week--8 1/2 hours--again!!!!
But the quilt is coming right along--I only have 6 days to finish it--
wonder if I will make it??????

Maybe the reason I was sooo fast in stitching on the counted cross stitch project this time--
is from all of--
Jet fuel in the air with the Thunderbirds being in town and doing 3 shows this week end--
they fly right over us here during their show!!!!

Ok--everyone have fun during this last week of March--
and lets get those goals and stitching plans finished up!!!

                                 Enjoy, di


  1. Congrats on a very successful week on the stitching front. Happy stitching this week!

  2. You cross stitch must faster than I do. For me I think it has a lot to do with all the interruptions. Maybe I should just lock myself in my craft room so nobody can pester me?

    The Thunderbirds would be fun to watch fly over if it weren't for the stinky nasty jet fuel.

  3. Love that cross stitch! Better get it finished so you can start on the next one....


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