Wednesday, October 31, 2018


Look at my two new friends--
I put the seeds out yesterday==
and my little Nuthatcher has worked on them==
but  apparently there was still alot left--
and do you see how their tales are turned up and over their bodies--
what does that tell you???

like maybe it is a bit cold outside already--only 30 degrees out this morning--

and here is some photos I took the other day--

Wait where is all the sailboats--
Oh there is still a couple docked--
but where is the rest of them???

Oh there they are--
all lined up like neat little soldiers in the parking lot across from my window===

I was good yesterday-only a little discomfort--
but then it was a clear sunny day--though chilly--
today I am right back in bad discomfort all day--
but then it is cloudy overcast and rainy--
now we know why I want to move back to the Sunshine state!!!

Enjoy life--


  1. Love the shots of the squirrels...
    Oh no do you really want to move again ????
    I would not like to have to pack up.

  2. You can never have too many frieds...

    ...unless you only have so many steaks on the grill

  3. Beautiful pictures - I just love what you get to look at. And those are the cutest friends! (I like your blog sides too - pretty flowers.)

  4. Lovely pic's... & try to get through the upcoming winter. It will be spring before you know it... xox

  5. I love your new friends!! When we were in the US earlier this year I just loved watching them run around.. glad you are feeling a bit better xx


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