Friday, January 31, 2014


Well--here in the States we are on the last day of January 2014--
by goodness--
and I am very happy to say--
that I got all 5 of my challenges done--
Here is the block quilt top finished--
and this top has been a big 'hit' around here--
nice bright colors for winter!!!!!

Finally this Christmas quilt is all hand quilted and has it's binding on it--
so now we can start hand quilting something real colorful--
so I can think Spring thoughts!!

and you seen the other 3 projects as I got them finished--
I did not get to go shopping for the frames though for 2 of the projects-
been tooooo cold to go out--soon though!!!!

Will post Feb. Challenge tomorrow--
so be sure to turn in again then--
hugs, di and miss gracie

Today's Joy--is--getting all 5 of my challenge to myself projects completed--
and to have friends who will support me!!!

Monday, January 27, 2014


For some of us all we have seen is --
white white white--
so I thought I would share a picture of some --
green-- houseplants--
to cheer up your day!!!!

and I have another  finish to show--
it's all done--but need to get a frame for it--
have a whole box of frames--
but do think I would have the right size?????

Just 2 more pieces to finish for my January goals--
I just might make it -- yet!!!????????
hugs, di and miss gracie

Wednesday, January 22, 2014


Whatever it is--
it is cold---
we got more snow last night--
and even the windows froze shut--
so this picture is taken from inside with the screen down!!!

I don't remember this tree outside my window ever having like 'leaves' stay on it all winter as it has this winter--but it sure has added a nice place for some of the snow to land and pile up--
so pretty!!!
yesterday I got a pressie in the mail--
all the way from Norway--
this group of gifts is from Anne-Lise--I can't wait to make something with that cat pattern!!!
and this towel will have to hang in my 'pink' room--the bedroom--
and yes--you are looking at kitty cat toys for Miss Gracie!!!
I had to look around to find them for the picture--silly cat!!!

Today's Joy is getting far away gifts from Friends!

hugs, di and miss gracie

Tuesday, January 21, 2014


that are on my 'to finish' list for January--
First is the wool project--
all the stitching is finished on it--
Anne and I decided today that it really does need to be framed!!
(wasn't sure how  I wanted to finish it off--now to find the frame???)

And Sunday and Mondays work on this one--
And now--
and now--
this cloth has not been the easiest to work with--
finally discovered that a sharper and thinner needle helps!!!
good thing us "crafters" have all kinds of needles!!!!

It is very cold here today--like -7 with the chill factor---ouch!!!
But friend Anne came anyways--
we just sat and quilted for 2 hours--no shopping or going out to lunch--

I am still steadily working on the Christmas  quilt--will really be glad when it is done!!!
I have some really pretty light colored quilts all basted waiting there turn!!!

What is everyone else working on????
and what bom's or stitch alongs are you doing this year????

Joy is being able to be inside where it is warm today!!!
hugs, di and that miss gracie

Friday, January 17, 2014


Do you remember that I said I needed to come up with one more color for the block quilt--
well--I kinda had a color in mind--
I did it---
I did one in black and white!!!!
I love this block the same as the other 11 colors--
now to decide how I want to finish off these blocks into a quilt top!!!!
and yes--I even gots of practice in 'froggin'!!!

I can also mark off one of the five projects on my 'to do' list for January!!
This block is now finished--
and let me tell you --
there was alot of stitching on this one!!!
Then some confusion set in--
could only find 3 other blocks--
was sure this one was block #5!!!
after looking and looking-- I went to bed--
and then a thought hit me--and yes--I have a 'bruise'!!!!!
and looky what I found--
It was #5--but--
It meant that 6 blocks out of 12 are done--yea!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
and the next block is already traced--
so we are on a roll--

And and I worked on the hand quilted project every day--
and have done alot more on the wool project--
the only project that I haven't touched yet--
is the counted cross stitch one--but do hope to work on that one this week end!!!

And now for the January Challenge--
I am not taking names--
if you do the challenge for the month--
send me an email and tell me to see you blog post with the finished 'wip' or wips in it
then I will add your name to that month that you did the challenge!!
how does this sound????
and as a hint for Feb--challenge--start collecting 'green' fabric--
you know the real shade of green!!!

I am actually going to go to a knitting session this afternoon--
have fun and joy in what ever you are doing!
hugs, di and miss gracie

Tuesday, January 14, 2014


This year I will do a monthly challenge--
and it will be a mystery one?????
I will try to have it posted by the 5th of each month!!

This month's challenge for January is:
working with wool--
and it should be a 'wip'--
I am sure some of you started a wool project last winter and then did not get it finished!!!

says sheep #1!!!!
So whether it is a knitted or crocheted project--
or a candle mat--
or a stitchery with wool applique pieces--
lets get them out and finish one!!!

You know that I am working on one myself--
and yesterday I even got some of the wool applique pieces sewed on--
so join me!!!!

You can join in each month or pick the ones you would like to do--
Goal will be to do 8 months of the projects during the year!!!
Happy 'wooling'!!!
Hugs, di and miss gracie

Saturday, January 11, 2014


I wanted you to see that I am working--
Have gotten 4 new dish clothes knitted for next Christmas for gifts--

and  have been steadily working on the embroidery pieces--
and on this one I am finally ready to start stitching on the wool pieces!!!

and got one of my fabric orders in the mail--
these are all one yard cuts--the first one is flannel--the rest are cotton--
and I love them all--and yes--I do have an idea--today--of what I would like to make with a couple of these pieces--but--who knows what I may decide to do with them tomorrow!!!!!!
So enjoy some down time!!!
hugs, di and miss gracie

Friday, January 10, 2014


I was a very bad hostess last year with our--
Challenge of 2013--
and I am very sorry about that!!

But I do know that some of you kept on working it--
Like Oddbjorg--
she sent me a list that she completed the following--
May/June--mugrugs and a basket
July/Aug--a little bag
Sept/Oct--mug rugs
Nov/Dec--finished a sweater that she started in Aug

and I am sure that once in awhile some of the rest you said that you where still on track--
please let me know how each of you made out--and I need snail mail addresses please!!!

Do you want a challenge for the year this year????
any good ideas??????
So far mine seem to be--
Jan--working on 5 wips--
Feb--creating 5 new wips!!!!!

whatever project you are working on--
have fun with it and find some Joy in today!!!
Hugs, di and miss gracie

Tuesday, January 7, 2014


projects I have lined up for January--
I would like to finish this quilt top--
we did 11 block in dark colors--then she started listing lighter colors--
but--I decided I just wanted 12 blocks--so have decided on the color for my 12th block--
now to make it and then sew them all together!!!!

and I want to finish hand quilting this quilt--
and I did work on it this morning while my friend Anne was here!!

This block goes with 11 other blocks and I think this is #5 block--
and I do really like this quilt--it is 3-4 years old now!!!
but I have done quite a bit on this one yesterday since this picture was taken--
so we are on our way!!!!

I had started on this one a year ago--then decided to put it away thinking I would do it this last Nov or Dec--but?????
so I am doing it now--have more done on the ferns already--
and all the wool pieces are all ready to stitch to it!!!

and I want to finish this one--
I have lots of counted cross stitch projects started and lots I want to do--
so best get busy on them--right?????

remember last year I said I was going to learn to drink coffee?????

Well--this is what I bought myself for Christmas this year--
and after it sitting on the counter for a month--
I finally 'fired' it up yesterday--
and drank my first full cup of black coffee!!!!!
I did not like that brand--so now am trying another brand--
but don't think it is to my liking either!!!?????
I really got this for Tea!!!!

We are very cold here--at noon it was 4 degrees out--
the sun has been shinning all day--so it feels much warmer--
and yes--I did go out to the store and for lunch in it--
so mark this date on your calendar--
( I do not go out if the temps under 25!!!!)
hugs, di and miss gracie

Monday, January 6, 2014


for another deep freeze????
You know what is really funny????
Doesn't matter if I am ready or not--
it's coming!!!
But right now--
the sun just popped out--
it really does want to shine--
it's just that those 'darn' clouds cover more area than the sun--
and they cover the sun!!!


we will let this happen --
and remember that the sun will be back out soon!!!

Oh for the Joy of--
Internet shopping--
and I had fun so far this month--
I ordered vitamins, organic food, a new blouse, and some new fabric!!!

And I have read a couple books so far this year--
and knitted some new dish clothes--
and played with Miss Gracie and her new toys!!!

I am thinking about my projects for January!!!
I have an embroidery block I want to finish--
a counted cross stitch project I can finish--
a wool project I can finish--
and a hand quilted project I can finish--
and a quilt sewing project I can finish--
so it sounds like I might be in the finishing profession this month--
so if I am good and get these done--
then next month--
I will only start new projects---
hey sounds like a plan to me?????????

What is your plans????????????
hugs, di and miss gracie

Friday, January 3, 2014


cause when it decides it wants to snow--
It snows!!!!
We got about 8 inches downtown here--
the hills got more!!!

and talk about Cold--
me is staying inside--until tomorrow--
Saturday--need to go to the grocery store!!

What you say?????
no quilt shops on that list for Saturday?????
I have a confession to make!!!!
I have done not one--
but 2---
fabric orders on the Internet--
one yesterday and one today!!!
What was I thinking--??????
I have a huge stash already!!!
Just hoping though that with this 'new' fabric---
comes my 'mojo' that has been lost for about a year now!!!!
One can only hope!!!!
Hugs, Di and Miss Gracie

Wednesday, January 1, 2014


As many of you know--
as this is the third or fourth year that we have done our 'word' for the year--
I have pretty much always chosen the word--
And I am using that word again for 2014---
I am adding some thing to it for 2104---
So here is my 'words' for 2014---
and I want to give more 'joy' to others in my life--
known and unknown--
I want to 'feel' more Joy in my life--
I need to take time to 'feel' the joy of each and everything I do--
whether it is cleaning out the cat box or creating a new design--
or finishing a project that has been in the "time out pile"--or
even if it is clapping to something on the Television when everyone else is--
causes then you are sharing and feeling that joy, too!!

Ok--what is yours???????
hugs, Di and Miss Gracie