Saturday, December 30, 2017


Yesterday I looked everywhere on my files of photos for this photo--
Forgot to show you the new 3-D card that Alice sent me in her box of goodies
so now I have 3 from her alone that are different--
Thank you Alice--

Well--the news is everyone is tallying up all the projects they
either finished or
started in 2017--
to see if they really did get  anything done in 2017--
and to see where they want to go in 2018--
and I have worked on my lists too--
but not quite ready to do a post--

maybe tomorrow
or Monday!!

Be safe--
Stay warm--
                      enjoy the moments, di 


  1. I've been working on my lists, too. Love this time of year. I think I've chosen my new WOrd, too! Sorry to hear it was so cold there today. We had a real heat wave, and got up to almost 30.

  2. Be sunny by a degree! It was 31 here. Glad you like all of your cards. Hope I can find more to keep up the trend! I am moving on to 2018--my lists for 2017 are depressing!

  3. Very pretty card and decorations. You had some fun finishes in 2017, looking forward to your wrap up for the year. Wishing you a very successful and joyful 2018.


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