Wednesday, February 28, 2018


 Is ---
Do you see the 'hint' that I gave you??
Can you guess the word???

Yep--it is Explore--
there is soooo many things I want to see
and do --
but yet-
I always seem to be 'stuck' here--
I miss having a car and driving--
can't begin to tell you how much I miss that--
but--life moves on--

But tomorrow I hope to go exploring--
new worlds--
new lands--
new critters--
and what ever else--life can shove at me for the next few days--
where am I going--
almost directly across the state of Florida--
from here --Melbourne, FL--
to Tampa area--
I am having to leave 'dodge' cause the are going to do this--
they are redoing our large parking lots here--
and my apartment faces the largest section in the front--
and the 'smell' of the stuff they will be using--
would make me very ill to breathe it--
so my baby brother--Jim and my sil are coming tomorrow to pick me up--
and take me over to the west coast where they live--
for a visit and to do some exploring--
(and I am hoping his car will stop at at least one quilt shop while we are out and about!!)

I will be taking the computer--
so should still be able to be here posting--
unless they tire me out soooo bad in the exploring-
that when we get home--
I am too tired to type!!!

so I will be thinking of you on this adventure--
unless I am running for my life from ??????

                 ENJOY, DI

Tuesday, February 27, 2018


I did it--
I got all '6' ufo's hand quilted--
finished for this months--
One of the projects was to finish all 4 rows--
of the row by row wool blocks I did last year on the Buttermilk Basin site--
remember the others did one large wall hanging--
I decided I wanted to display them for each season separately--
so here is row 4--the Winter row--
and here is all 4 of the rows--
done and done--
and here is project #1 I finished for February--
this years Crow's foot mini quilt--
and my small snowman quilt--
that I started in Dec of 2017--
and boys and girls that makes all '6' projects finished for my goal this month--
( and wait until you see which 'oldie' quilt top I have picked to hand quilt for March--
and it has lots and lots of work to do on it--???)

Here is a better close up of the 3 sections of the winter row--

You think that once the binding is done--
you are done--
but it took me another 2 hours to do all the beads and buttons to finish this off--
there was lots and lots of work in each of these blocks--
but well worth all the work--I do believe--
Now to find what I am looking for to display these rows on???

And don't panic if you don't see another post from me or hear from me after Thurs to next Sunday or Monday--as I am going on an Adventure--for a couple days!!!

Enjoy every moment, di

Sunday, February 25, 2018


that is what seems to happening on
my counted cross stitch project--
I had thought I would be done with this one
and on to the next one by now--
yet--I am steadily working on it
 at least a couple times each week--
the last time I showed this I had completed the quilt area--
so from the letter "Q" down is all new this time--
only 2 more letters and all the words and letters will done--
but there is 2 large areas of designs yet to stitch!!!
this is for my--

and for this challenge---
In my 30 minutes a day challenge--
****Days stitched this week--7 days
****Days stitched this month--24 days
***Total Hours stitched this week--4 1/2 hours--
***Total days stitched this year--55 days

So have a great stitchin week--
enjoy, di

Saturday, February 24, 2018


for February this year--
so I got busy the other day--
with my purple scraps--
and got the 10" block stitched together--
mine came out different--
cause  I wasn't paying 'close' attention--
debated making a second one--the right way--
but--so far it hasn't happened--
and I do like this one--sooo?????

and here is January's block with February's block--

And I got this months small quilt challenge top done--
This one measures 17x17"
and this one will be the next one in line for hand quilting--
once #6 of Feb challenge is finished--
and that is nearing a finish--maybe even today!!!!

Ok time for a bit of chocolate and to get back to my blog reading--
have a great day everyone--
       enjoy, di

Thursday, February 22, 2018


I am doing the bom that Joy and Alice are putting out
in their posts--it is from a few years ago--
and I think I did the first couple blocks--
and then I got lost--
so decided to do them again this time around--
And I had also been looking for a project where I could
use these beautiful threads I had gotten  a long time ago--
And I think these will work nicely on the Joy/Alice blocks--
here is the first one--
and as this month is purple month--
I decide I would do this one in purple--
unfortunately--these pretty threads did not show up real well in the photo!!
the center word and flowers are done in a dark purple variegated thread--
and the heart outline in a nice lavender solid color--
it really is pretty in real life!!!
So now we will see what block comes out for March and maybe what color????

And where is everybody today--
it is really quite so far today on blog posts--
is there something fun going on that I forgot about--
and you are all there with out me??????

                        Enjoy, di

Tuesday, February 20, 2018


 I know I got up early and did laundry--
but then what--to do???
why we sew
 of course--
and I was able by late afternoon to get another
row by row finished--
the Fall one--
one block--
two blocks--
three blocks--
all put together into one long row--
a finished row--

and yes I have started the hand quilting on the last row--
the winter row!!!
I also did a bit more sewing today with the color purple--
but I will keep that for you on Saturday!!!
Needed to get the purple off the table so I could bring the civil war prints back out
to play!!


Sunday, February 18, 2018


belts--time sure does fly when one is --
working on all her hobbies!!
***** Days I stitched this week--7
*****Days I stitched this month--17
***** total hours I stitched this week--4 1/2 hrs
*****total days this year--48

so I am right on track--
at least soo far!!!

Now I am off to a NASCAR party on my DD's street--
this should be interesting!!!

I am watching Danica today as it is her last Nascar race!!!
She will be in a bright green No 7 car--

                      Enjoy, di

Saturday, February 17, 2018


mood this week--
so I did some work on sewing together some 9 patches--
and these will get added to the blue pile I did last month--

and I also found some other purple ufo's to finish up--
I think now I just have a pink butterfly in that pile as a ufo-
the fairies find other ones when cleaning!!!

and if you want to read and see some photos from my visit to the Farmer's Mkt
On Thursday--be sure to check out my other site at the top left hand corner of
this blog site!!!

Enjoy, di

Friday, February 16, 2018


is now finished for my monthly goal--
on the hand stitching--

this is the summer row by row in wool--2017
by Buttermilk Basin--
I kept looking at it as I was stitching the strawberry basket--
and thinking something just didn't look right--
then I realized my strawberries needed seeds--
so I found some nice silk gold thread and 'seeded' away--
I really liked this block--

and then I added --
pretty brown beads to the center of the sunflower--it does look better in real life!!!
and some how when I had the button box out for the bee buttons to add to this row--
that 'pretty' red lady bug just 'crawled' out of the box and added itself to the flower
basket--sneaky thing!!!

And yes we already have an hour of hand quilting into the Fall row by row--
that will be #5 of my 6 for this month--soooo--maybe --just maybe?????

Enjoy, di

Tuesday, February 13, 2018


 Once in awhile something just plains 'bugs me'--
and I can just still leave it as it is--
but not this time--
About 3-4 years ago --at least--
I started this series--
there is one for each month--
I got January, February, March and April finished--
and the pattern showed them done as little pillows--
but with a hanger I believe--
at least that was how I had originally done mine--
but that made them a bit curved and with the stuffing--
I felt they were really hard to see all the words and designs on each one--
so finally I 'tackled' them the other day--
at least these '2' got re done--
I now just have a slice of my 'cake' board inside each one--
and they look much better--
and I can display them in alot of different ways now--
I just need more cake board to finish redoing the other two--!!!

It was also time (actually way behind time) for me to put up a new door quilt--
and I have needed to 'fix' the hanger on the door since I moved in here--
and finally that got done--
and up went the door hanging--


Sunday, February 11, 2018


the right blog page for this post today!!!
And it is report card day as it is Sunday--
so first up is--
as I did not show you any work last week--
on my counted cross stitching piece--
Last Sunday I got the letters N-Q stitched in and started the design
that goes in that area--
did more work on it during the week -
and today when I picked it up to do more--
I had a good laugh at myself--
Can you spot what I did wrong???
and now here is this section all finished--
So now am ready for a couple more letters and another word--
so onward we stitch---

And for this weeks time report--
***Days stitched this week--7days
***Days stitched this month--10days
**Total days this year--41 days
**Total hours this week--5 1/2 hours

and for--
I am half way to my goal with #3 project finished--
the Spring row by row in 2017--
I did not do alot of actual sewing this past week--
just lots of hand work--
so I need to get busy on the machine this week--
and work with my 'pretty' purples--
along with some other projects!!

Enjoy, di