Sunday, January 20, 2019


And hopefully I won't freeze before I get this written!!!!

I am really enjoying the Inchy club
by #raspberryrabbits and my friend Shell--
but before I could stitch on this last weeks hexies
I had decided I needed to redo the thread color I was using
when sewing them together--
so here they are now--
3 weeks worth are here--
yesterdays hexie is this one--
(and I did add 2 more colors of threads to be using in stitching the hexies--
yellow and a red shaded ones--)
seen a woodpecker feeding at a suet cake that is hanging in the tree outside the
community room window--first woodpecker I have seen here in NY--
don't believe I seen one before when I lived here!!!
and here is what the inchy's looked like last week
with that color thread--
It is nice to think about 'what' spoke to you the most for that day--
some days are hard--some days there is lots one could stitch--and then one must
decide what spoke to you the 'loudest' that day!!!


and now for some real exciting news--
I actually finished a couple fabric projects--
This is for week #1 in Fee's 52 week challenge--
I made 3 pockets for the gift box--
I found some bird fabric and fussy cut me 3 birds to applique to the top of purple
wool and added a bit of lace around each one--
the person who receives one of these can hang them up and fill them with 'whatevers'--
even dried or silk flowers would look nice in them--!!
and here is Week #2--
I think I already know who might be receiving this little gift--???
And I already seen Fee's post for week #3--
and I am excited--
cause I already have something in this line started and want to finish them--sooo????

And here is more stockings--
I now have 30 knitted--
wonder if I will stop now and go on to something else--
or keep making them?????

and for this challenge--
I have stitched 7/7 days this week --and 20/20 days so far this year!!
and have stitched a total of approximately 34 hours total!!

and for this one--
I have been working on Counted cross stitching--
but today's would be the 'redoing' of stitching the hexies together with the new color thread--

Now for today's weather report--
Here in central NY state--
we have--
so far we have about a foot of snow--that is--
if it stayed in one place so you measure it--
it seems the 'wind' is moving it around--
from here to there!!!!

yep--even in Florida it is chilly today!!!!
but awhole warmer that in New York!!!!!


Deb said...

I love you little hexies they are so sweet, those bird pockets are sweet too. It's always nice to have a few finishes. Tonight in my area of Florida its supposed to drop to 32 degrees.

Cheryll said...

Those little hexies look so very CuTe.
Nice effort on lots of projects... xox

Quilter Kathy said...

Your little hexie is so adorable! Love that project!

sunny said...

Your little woodpecker is great! How do you draw and stitch something so small? Stay warm up there! Our wind chill is -12 right now.

Sarah said...

Your hexie project is lovely. Is the idea you sew one a day for a whole year? It's a great idea!

Linda in Calif. said...

Oh - I see! I see why you changed the color. It did look really good before but now it better and makes the hexies be the star of the show. I do love your little woodpecker. You are doing great on this hexie project.

Alice said...

You have been really busy! I would have a hard time thinking of things to do for the hexies everyday. Well done.

Kate said...

Love your hexie a day project, it's very cute. It's been cold here, your temps have been absolutely frigid! Stay in and stitch some more this week. It's too cold do do much else anyway. Happy stitching this week.

Anne-Lise at Rag, Tag, Bobtail said...

Love the woodpecker :) And the hexies look really good now.
The socks are adorable and will warm some cute little toes.
Love you, Di!