Monday, January 7, 2019


SO  here I am--
I haven't done a post on what I am joining so far--
for 2019--

first up is the "within an Inch" club--
This is from the Raspberry Rabbit site with Shell--
she started doing an inchy hexagon on her birthday last March
and has added an inchy each day of something that reminded her of that day--
She had so much fun doing this that she has formed a club for others this year--
and that club is on her facebook page--

and here is where I am so far--
on mine--

actually I am further along than this--
forgot to download the latest photo!!!!

 you can check this out over on the Elm Street site--
they showed us the quilt that they are making-
and the actual stitching on this one doesn't start until Jan 21st--
so you have time to join it yet!!!

The color of the month club again--
and this months color is red--
I plan to do a small project each month-
using the color of the month to make it--
hope to get the whole small project done within the month--
and then it will probably be a gift--!!!!
so if you are 'good' who knows where these gifts will end up????


Again over on Elm Street --
this street sounds like it will be a busy street this year!!!!
and will probably use the color of the month project each month
as my monthly goal--
but one never knows what Di might come with????

I plan and have been doing my 15 minutes of stitching each day--
though last year I used this one to do only hand quilting--
this year it is for any stitching I do each day-
and though I did not post my results this week--
so far I have stitched every day since the first of Jan!!!
this is over on Kathy's site--

All of these challenges can be found in my regular blog list reading to the right of this post--
or if you need more information on any of them--just leave me a comment and I will get back to you!!

is how I sign off on each post and in emails--
last year I did 'enjoy'--
I did do a survey to see how many other bloggers did a special sign off--
and discovered only about 25% did--ouch!!!

but this year I decided we all need more love--
the world needs more really-
but let it start with us--
so this year I am signing them with--
luv, di


Karen said...

Good idea for the heie project. Will be interesting to see what you put on yours.

Cheryll said...

I wish you all the best of luck with your goals... xox

Maria said...

Have fun with all your goals Di,

Anne-Lise at Rag, Tag, Bobtail said...

Seems like you will be busy this year as well :) Enjoy!

Carol said...

I wish I had half the energy you show each and every day! Good luck keeping your goals! Sounds like so much fun.

Kate said...

Your memories hexy project is pretty cool. Good luck with all your plans for 2019.