Sunday, March 3, 2019


and time to do some 'reporting'
Today's report is being brought to you--
by a chicken--
wanted  you to see Yesterday's Inchy--
and the model for it--
I love this chicken pin cushion--
and it was a gift--a couple years or more back--thanks!!!!
First up is some finishes--
this was finished on Feb 27th--
I had started these back in 2010 I believe--
would now like to get some more in the series--
but--they are proving hard to find!!!

And this morning I finished up the
Crabapple Hill Studios--embroidery for the month of February-sal--
and yes mine is a little different here and there than Meg's the authors is--
I added a antique heart button to the polka dot square--
and for the 2 fabric squares--I ended up using wool pieces--
and then I got the idea to add some tiny charms on top of the wool pieces--
and I will frame this--someday when I get moved back to !!
I also thought I would show you how I design my Inchies--
First this notebook is with my morning Devotional book and calendar-

and it is always turned to the next page--
so that while I am also eating breakfast --
I can 'doodle' the day before's design!!!
Then I stitch the design on to a hexie--

and then it gets entried into this notebook

Where I do

a rough draft of the drawing--
and then a some journaling about my day--!

Now for--
I will be working on this embroidery in a bit--
while watching today's Nascar's race--

And for this one--
I am doing well --that is so far--
this past week I stitched 7  out of 7 days--
and a total of 15.5 hours--
and for the month of February I did 28 out of 28 days--
for a total of 63 hours--
And now for a bit of 'funny'--
remember when I had to go buy--
a card reader for the computer to download my photos-
about 2 weeks ago--
I am informed by my computer that there is an issue with it--
I finally decided to try the one on the computer-
and guess what --it is now working--
go figure???????????????
I really don't care as long as one of them works so I can download

Have fun day--
luv, di


  1. That's a well organised PLaN. Thanks for sharing.
    Lots of work on lots of well done. xox

  2. How neat that you doodle and journal and then stitch! Sounds like a whole lot of fun!

  3. I love your doodle journal it's such a great size to have on hand. Your inchies are so sweet and love the start of your new piece.

  4. Your doodle journal is such a good idea; I wondered how you came up with them and how much time you put into the design side of it. Your finishes are gorgeous, both will look beautiful framed.

  5. What a great way to do your hexie designs...
    Well done on the finishes and I look forward to seeing them framed...

  6. So many cute needlework projects! Your Crabapple Hill embroidery sampler turned out gorgeous, the cross stitch is looking lovely!

  7. You have been very busy and it is all very pretty!!! Congrats on all of your finishes!!

  8. You have some pretty makes on the go. I love the Crabapple Hill embroidery. It is overspilling with sweet detail and pretty colour.

  9. Love your Crabapple Hill stitchery, that turned out beautifully. Congrats on finding time to stitch every day in February, it shows in all the progress you've been posting.

  10. Your Feb sew-along is so pretty! You really did an excellent job. I love that you do a couple your own way. That's the way it should be. Love your chicken pin cushion AND hexie. Too adorable. And thanks for sharing how you do your hexie ideas - interesting to see how others work.

  11. Love your design process Di! thanks for sharing :) xx

  12. I am in total agreement with all the other ladies...your projects are beautiful!

    Hope you're doing okay, as we haven't seen any updates since this one. HUGS!


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