Tuesday, June 25, 2019


first up is the Word Play for July--
in the counted cross stitch series--
my favorite thing on this one is that 'crab' in the lower left hand corner--
ain't he cute?????
and I did add tiny eyes to the Mermaid and the 2 folks in the boat--
I am an 'eye' person!!!!
and now for August Word Play--
it got started today!!

And I got another embroidery basket block finished--
and now have the next one all picked out and the floss ready to start it--

and so now where are we in the life of the

it was just one of those days--
where it was hard to come up with something extra special--
but I also did get 2 bird photos--
a wild looking Cardinal and--
a dry --but 'bossy' looking Blue Jay!!!

I had a doctor appointment --
I was able to get the bus to get there--
about 9-10 blocks from here--
but ended up having to walk home-
or wait another whole hour for the next bus--
it was a nice walk and even though we had had alot of rain earlier--
and even on the trip to the office--
the clouds parted--
and out came the sun for the whole walk home!!!
Then it rained again!!

Even though I took the usual bus to Walmart--
I got to do some shopping for something different while there--
my friend who works here, had twin grandson's born in Feb--
though I didn't know that until last week--
so I got to do this--
buy some 'Oneies' and some bibs--for them--
and I got double sets --as the little outfits where 3 on a hanger--
same as the bibs--and the third bib in the set says--
---time for a vacation at Grandma's--
and she loved them--
I never get to shop for babies--
there hasn't been any in my family or in the friends department for years--

was the really -- second full day of--
so as it is really here--
was time for it's own inchy!!!!
and right now I have lots of baby birds coming to eat or be feed--
they are so cute to watch!!!

I have always wanted to see this bird close up--
Red winged Black bird--one did fly in to eat on Sunday--
though a squirrel chased it right off--
so no actual photo yet!!!

I finished up this devotional book--
and will now start this one--
so I did this for the Inchy--
I think those are two really good words to end this post on too--

          Joy                         Faith



  1. I'm an eye person too. Really don't like those ornaments and dolls with no faces..
    Like your Hump Day inchie....

  2. The July Word Play is really cute. You've had busy hands this last week. Fun photos too. Birds are hard to get. Stay cool and hopefully dry the rest of the week.

  3. Busy week! Love that the weather cleared just for your walk home. Hugs.

  4. Enjoyed seeing all your stitching projects! The cross stitch is so fun for summer! And the inchies are adorable!


  5. I love the word play for July and the bright colors. There is a girl who does wonderful embroidery ---think her website is http://www.elefantz.com You might like her site for ideas. Love the bird pictures. I love birds, but can never get good pics. I haven't heard of that devotional, so I am about to go look that up.

  6. Thanks for dropping in at Nanaland today and leaving a comment. I love meeting new cross stitchers! LOVE your bright colors. I may tone down August, I have not sat down with it yet to consider changes. I am working on a birth sampler for my grandson that I need to finish but I am itching to start my fall stitching. Loved seeing all your crafts. I started out with embroidery many years ago and I still enjoy it as well.


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