Sunday, June 2, 2019


Well--that 'day' that comes around every few days--
is here again!!!


It is over cast here and I think it really wants to rain somemore!!
So good day to be inside stitching and typing--
and later watching a race!!!

This is what I need help with--
What is this bird????
I just happened to look out the window and seen him where I feed the birds
on the ground--and was able to get a couple good photos of him/her!!
and the closest I can come in my bird book--
might be a Thrasher type bird--maybe a Sage Thrasher--
yet it still is not quite like the photo--can you tell me what kind??????

So now where did we leave off in the "Inchy"  adventures???

Oh right--
you heard about the first part of that day--
with the new brain cells and such--
then I did the post--
and just as I got off the computer my phone rang--
it was a girl friend who I had given some bagged fabric to back in Nov
for her to sell at her craft shows--
and a friend of her's had dropped in and she bought some of it --too--
and so she had a check for me--nice one of $68--
she brought it down and we also went to Walmart--so I did get a nice walk in--
and another 4 pk of flowers came home with me--
so I did this for the Inchy--
as you see--after I got home--
I went online and finished off my order to 123Stitch for Cross stitch thread which I needed--
was nearly out of a dozen colors--2 pcs of linen and yes--one new pattern!!!
Did not use the whole check--
but then I also finished off my Vita-cost order for Vitamins and organic food!!
and then the check was gone and then some!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I spent a nice quiet morning--
waiting for the phone to ring--
for my sister June to call to say when she would be here--
no call of any kind--not even that she couldn't make it!!!!
But I did not let that bother me--
I spent the day doing my 'thing'--stitching!!!
I did take one nice break--
and did--
plant the new 4 pk of little blue flowers in the hanging basket--
and transferred the two larger flowers back to the barrel planter!!
this old old trowel is one my Mom used--
and those are my cheap acrylic gloves I used this winter--
gave them a ''new' purpose!!!

That catches up the Inchy's so far--
I did do some stitching yesterday on the basket blocks--
finished off another one while watching a smaller race--
and here is the ones I have finished --so far--
(working on them over the last couple years!!)
they seem to be put in 'time out for long periods of time'???
Now the 'big' problem is--
I am no longer into the 30's style fabrics--hummm????
and I still have 11 to stitch yet!!!

For today's reports--
I am working on these two--
this morning I worked on this one--
and this afternoon-
while watching the big race (NASCAR)
 I will be working on this block--
this is probably the most detailed block-
lots of stitching on this one--
so lets get it done and out of the way!!!!

And my June stitching report for--
I stitched 30/30 days in May--
for a total of 47 1/2 hours--
and so far this year--2019--
I have stitched every single day--
but mainly because of doing the Inchy each day-each one takes at least 20 minutes
to set up and stitch!!!!
and most days I try to do a bit of Cross stitching-
but some days--that just doesn't have time to happen!!!!!

Well--thanks for staying with me for once again a long post!!!
Hope everyone is having a great Sunday-



  1. I love your little Inchies! What a fun record of something for each day! Do you draw the design on first? I think your bird is a juvenile robin - if you google that a photo comes up that looks much like yours. There are lots of them around this time of year!

  2. You are so remarkable in the amount of things you finish when you sew!! I give up a lot of time and just lose interest.

    Was out in the yard this morning with my dh trimming/cutting 2 VERY TALL holly was about 7 ft. tall!!! It just got "away from me" over the years. :-( But now is a nice 5 ft. size, and I have vowed to stay on top of it now. Thank God for my hubby!


  3. Love your basket blocks--did you draw them yourself? they look so pretty hugs, Julierose (sorry don't know that bird);(((

  4. Your inchies are pretty cute! For the embroidery, you could always change out the fabric around the baskets at the end to something you like more. Good luck coming up with a plan, and great progress stitching each day this year!

  5. Those baskets are so cute! You could always finish it off with the 30's and then donate it as a wall hanging to a nursing home or care facility. I'll bet it will bring smiles to the residents.

  6. Nice win fall and good to be able to buy some more flowers with it.
    Pretty inchies and Baskets...

  7. Di - I love the trowel and flower inchy. The baskets blocks are beautiful - the 30 prints are really great. But you know you could unstitch those 30 prints and use fabric that is more "you". You are so fast it wouldn't take you but a few minutes. (Maybe you will love grow to love 30 prints again by the time you finish the baskets.)

  8. Those basket blocks are really cute! There are a few of those prints hanging out in my stash. Congrats on stitching every day this year, that's pretty spectacular. Hope this week was as good. Sorry to be so late on the blog reading, it's been a catch up week due to the CO trip last week.


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