Sunday, August 11, 2019


And this post goes from a Sunday to a Sunday--
where did the time go--
well--bare with me and you will see--

Last Sunday's Inchy--
Opps--got to go back to last Saturday's Inchy--
When I finally got over to the Pier--
I took 141 photos while out and about that day--
there is a lower dock off the pier where they have a large tour sail boat--
and this year they have this cute little house--complete with air conditioning sitting on it!!
and apparently one can ride a bicycle on the water too!!!!

the race was here in Watkins Glen--
and No I don't go up on the track--100,000 people plus the race crews--
is a bit much for me!!!  And I heard they had 23,000 campers up there--!!!!!
but a great driver won--Chase Elliot and the crowd went wild--they all love him--
he won last year too!!!
Now here--that day--
Mr Squirrel decided he was still hungry even after I feed him alot of sunflower seeds--
and he decided he wanted some salad to go with his lunch--
so he ate the nice young sunflower plant that I had growing in this pot!!!

and Saturday I got this quilt basted for hand quilting--
and on Sunday I was able to get this one basted--
and on Sunday while watching the race--
I got this basket block finished--

I love mail--
I love sending mail out--
walked to the post office and mailed out 2 packages to friends--
(and the 2 main streets here where bumper to bumper campers--
it took 5 hours or more to get the campers going north and east off the track and through town--
south and west go a different route--)
and I got to pick up a package --
my new set of colored Prisma pencils--

Anne comes and we visit-
then we went to a new place for lunch--
so the Inchy is--
See--I told you--I have been there!!!!

took some thought--
but finally came up with this--
I have been wondering if I am really in NY or if I am in Florida--
cause the weather here is doing what it does in Fl during the summer--
sunny in the morning--
stormy in the afternoons!!!!
and look who's in my hanging flower pot?????

I celebrated a bit--
with the last--
Dark Chocolate truffle that I got for  my birthday--
cause I had spent the whole week--
coloring--11 more Crabapple blocks--

I dont know that I like these last two--
the blue really ran on the last teapot--but maybe by the time I get to the embroidery-
on these I will change my mind--or I will redo them????

I was sorting my clothes out--
and I have way 'too' many t-shirts--
but --all cotton is harder and harder to find--and the prices just keep going up--
so--I will be keeping them!!!

is for a train--
we have a train that goes through early on Saturday mornings--
around 7:30am--so you don't get to sleep in on  Saturdays--
it blows it's whistle all the way through behind us here--

So this wraps up another  busy week here on the "Critter Ranch"!!!



  1. It fun seeing where you've been and the ichie you stitch to remember ...
    Hahahaha! That squirrel is a cheeky fellow....

  2. Lots of fun stitchy stuff going on at your place. I watched the race, but I'm not a fan of NBC's new "radio" commentary style. I ended up turning off the volume until the last couple of laps. It was fun to see Chase win another one.

  3. You are the Queen of coloring quilt blocks. Awesome. SOunds like you had a fun, busy week. How long do your inchies last - until the end of the year? I don't remember when you started. You're doing fantastic work on them.


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