Sunday, May 3, 2020


I am not sure why--
but May has always been my favorite month of the year!!
So 'Happy May to everyone"!!!

Now for some serious talk-
What are my goals for this challenge for the month of May--
and remember I can't count--
so I have '3' goals plus this month--
I did these 4 blocks I believe back in 2013--
and they are Red Brolly designs
why it has taken me so long to put them into a wall hanging is beyond me--
(update--these are now into a top--and I have even started the hand quilting on it-)
My goal is to put these into a top and to hand quilt it and finish it--for May--

Also--My hat ladies--
which I did in 2018--
these blocks need to be put into a flimsy--
have found one fabric that I am hoping will look great with these--
so do have to wait until it comes in--
though I ordered it thinking of backing for it--
so will just have to see how long it takes to get here--???

And my 3rd project for this month is--
getting these into a flimsy--
remember these from 2018--when we were to stitch one heart applique
for 30 days--and again I can't count--think there is '40' here--
plus I did 2 more full charm packs for hearts--
one set in blues that went to Anne for her a quilt
and the third set went to Anne to use in her hospice quilts!
(I do have the fabrics for sewing these blocks together!)

So my main goal here is to get all three of these sets of blocks into the flimsy/top stage--!

My report for the month of April--

I stitched 30 out of 30 days for the month of April--
and I stitched for a total of 139 hours--
which is my biggest total for a month yet!!!
see what 'stay at home' can do for you????

Oh and I actually read a book this past week--
I like to read--
but if I get my 'nose' in a good book--
well--nothing else gets done til the book is finished!!
But I decided I needed a mini break from sewing/quilting!

Well--we are off on an adventure for May--
many area's are going back to a bit of normal--
shops and restaurants opening up for here in this area of Fl-
but no hair salon, gyms, ect yet--so I will continue to be a shaggy dog a while longer!!
Do take care and continue to wear our homemade masks and social distance--
cause I don't want to lose any readers or followers or blog folks I read!!



  1. It's always nice to pull out those older projects and think about what was happening, where you were, etc, at the time. Good luck with completing ALL of your goals - it sounds like you've got yourself organised to get them done :-) Oh and well done on the April's stitching hours!

  2. Di, I admire you sooo much for staying so focused and getting projects completed. Doesn't it make you feel GOOD?!

    Stay the requisite 6 ft. apart even after stores, etc open. Don't take chances!

  3. I just love Red Brolly designs. So talented.

  4. I remember those hearts! Hmmm I have a few charm packs.... maybe I should make some more hearts in may?
    Be careful when going out- we still have only tested about 1% of the population in Florida so far. Personally - it will be a while before we go to eat in a restaurant. I might have to visit a quilt shop though... backing is needed.

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  6. I remember your hats and hearts projects. Looking forward to seeing the progress on both. Congrats on all the stitching time last month. If it helps you feel any better, I'm in the shaggy and dealing with it club too.

  7. Very nice. Thanks for linking up with Elm Street Quilts One Monthly Goal and good luck with your project.


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