Wednesday, April 21, 2021


 I am back to working on projects this week and haven't done any 'runnin' around--(though the thrift store did text me they are having another sale this week???????????????????)

I got the next '2' blocks done for the block of the month from Jenny--

These are really small--think the finished size is under 4 inches--yesterday the Jelly roll I ordered for these blocks came in--I had started with a charm pack--but need more than 5 inches for the sides of the squares so decided to order a jelly roll when I found it on sale--and yes--I will have lots left over--but then again--I am already working on a second project using these fabrics--
this one---

And here is the 3rd block for April from "the book"

a paper pieced bird--he just needs an eye embroidered on him and the paper backing removed--

And here is what I am working on right now for my 'leaders n enders' work--
I got the strips done awhile ago from left over project and now as I need a ender--I sew them together--have no idea how many I will have when finished???

And here is the Harmony top--hand piecing all done--
I did work ahead on this one --I needed some slow stitching 'quiet' work there for awhile--
and I have the binding made for this one--just need to get it 'layered'!

And here is where I am on this month's OMG project--

All my baskets are in a row!!!!  well -- 5 rows really!!  I am so glad that I had figured out the layout and taken a picture when I finished these blocks last year--today I am cutting out the pieces for the border--This pattern for putting it together has been challenging as in the pattern for directions--I only got the even numbered pages--have no clue why I did not get the odd numbered pages????   This was a  pattern and I am pretty sure I also bought the layer cake for the corner pieces on a 'Shop Hop' back in 2005- 2007 --so it has brought back some fun memories of those Shop Hop days--and I took photos of all 3 years trips so had to get that photo album, out yesterday and did some more remembering--!!!

Well the sewing machine is calling me--and I have alot of prep cutting first--so guess I better get going!!

Funny side note here--
I have not done laundry on a Monday in a while now--
it is either Tues or Wed--it seems--funny how things can change so suddenly sometimes!!



  1. Wow, how do you keep all your projects organized? If I tried to do more than one at a time, I'd be doing something wrong to each one! lol Have fun! Glad you're working on ongoing projects.

  2. Ok, I need that cat table above the laptop.... at least the cat has not sent emails at work lately! Harmony looks great... I am so, so far behind on it. I guess this one just didn't call to me as much but I will get back to it! Love how your's came out.

  3. Your working on sew many lovely projects...
    Love the red cardinal....

  4. Love the red bird! And the basket top is smashing, Di.
    How can you resist the call of the thrift shop? :))


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