Sunday, April 18, 2021


 Have to say--I am so glad today is Sunday--and that I can take it slow and easy today--

Been a busy week with '3' outings again--So where do I begin???

Got '2' more blocks all done for this months blocks from 'the book'--

the first one is a cone flower in all applique--

the second one is a basket block done by sewing machine--

the third one is not finished--it is a paper piecing one and I did get 8-9 sections all paper pieced--but ran out of time to sew them into the block-that's on tomorrows list!!

And I did get some tracing done for embroidery work--the 4th block for this month is all embroidery and then 2 small blocks from Jenny's bom--and one of those is finished just have the little flowers to embroider on the second block and it will be finished and I will get photos for you!!

My first adventure this week was on Wednesday--I first walked over to the Molly Mutt's thrift store --they were having a 50% off sale--I really did not find much there--but did come home with this--
which I love--so dainty looking--

and a couple old linens for a new quilt that starts May 1st--I also stopped into the new plant store I told you about that is 2 doors before the thrift store--it's a neat store and has lots of house plants, and planters and you can even plant your plant there in a planter--they have work tables and dirt for you--a baby spider plant and an air fern did come home with me(this trip)!!

Thursday I got some mail--

the new camera came in--this one is smaller than my other hand held one--and the button to turn it on and off is really small--but is works nice--soooo---

I had also ordered '2' new disc's --one for this camera and one for the big Cannon camera and those came in the same sized box--I also always order a second rechargeable battery--it came the next day--in this box--

do you see how large this box is--(the camera also came in the same sized box--)
and this is the size of the new battery--


On Friday my friend Carolyn and I went 'thrifting'--me looking for vintage hankies, and small towels for the new project in May--we went to 2 good sized thrift stores before lunch--one was called an Antique Mall and it had lots of small stalls in it--did find 6-7 items there--that hopefully will work--then lunch at McDonalds--outside in the car!!!  then on to a third big thrift store--there I bought another basket-a Pyrex baking dish and another plate--

Bet you all know why I bought this plate-and would  you believe it was only 99cents????

After wearing the mask for 3-4 hours I am done and need to come home and I knew Carolyn was really getting tired--remember she is my friend on oxygen 24/7 and at stage 4 of COPD--so it won't be much longer that she will be able to get out and about!!!   We did have a good time and some laughs!

Saturday--afternoon late, my son, Dan and his gf Sarah took me to the Dollar Tree ( I was totally out of pens) and then to Publix for my monthly shopping for groceries--it as hot and humid--even Publix was warm--usually it is nice and cool in there--but I got food, so guess that is all that counts!!!

And here is where I 'was' on the Counted Cross stitching yesterday--

This morning I did get started on filling in Block 6--there on the left!!!

Well guess this is enough 'gabbing' for one post--




  1. Lovely finds, Di! I'm glad you are so busy with all your sewing projects. I have misplaced my "mojo" a long while ago and just can't seem to find it. :-(

    I'm glad you and your friend have been able to get out and about.

  2. You’ve worked on some nice blocks and you found some pretty plates...
    Love you cross stitch.....
    Lovely to have had three outing last week....

  3. My goodness you had a busy week! How neat to have a few stores in walking distance. Pretty plate and love the cone flower.

  4. Your plates are beautiful!! And I really love your coneflower block. My brother and sister are both in FLorida right now, enjoying your warm weather. We had a freeze warning last night!!

  5. Glad you had a lovely time out with your friend....
    Love the last little pic.... To funny.....


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