Friday, April 9, 2021


 Goes the week and time--

I no more than get up and get dressed--

and then it time to get pj's on and get ready for bed!!!

and I wonder 'if' I got anything accomplished that day!

I do think--that I am probably spending too much time lately just working on my counted cross stitching--but this large piece of 9 blocks is the largest one I have ever done and I am afraid if I don't keep right at it--it will never get finished--good news is I am on Block #5--so am at least half way done!!!

First I guess I need to show and tell what my goal will be for April-

Remember these blocks--20 of them in all--the dirty dozen number for this month is #2--and that is these blocks--I do already have them planned into the rows--but first they do need to be squared up and I do think I have everything to do the border and the backing--I just need some motivation!! anyone have any to spare????

I have mainly been working on hand piecing this week--

and I think I may be ahead with doing these blocks--but it has kept me busy--sooo???

On Easter Sunday--I ran across the Keepsake Ad--and if you ordered something from a couple of the sale pages--you could pick a free stuffed animal--well--never let it be said--I would turn up a free stuffed animal--especially a rabbit one!!!
Now these fabrics should keep me awake when I sew on them--think these are the brightest fabrics I have ever ordered--

 The line is called "Venice Collection" !!
And here is my new little 'friend'--

And I have worked on hand quilting this lap quilt this week--and then there is always some work being done on a pair of knitted socks and the baby sweaters!!!

Easter Dinner news!!!  The 13-lb turkey came out perfect for the kids first time--and all '3' of us, worked in the kitchen doing the rest of the dinner each one doing something--and to me that was the best part of the day--the next best part of the day--was sitting outside on their patio watching ducks and ibis on their pond--beautiful day!  

Ok--time to publish this piece and go down to the mail box--think my 'blue' fabric order is in--so now I can get started  on all my blue projects for April---



  1. Those embroidered baskets of flowers are gorgeous!

  2. The days do fly by very quickly....
    The baskets is a nice project to work on...
    Some lovely blue blocks you have made and the new fabrics are gorgeous....
    Cute bunny .....

  3. They are out of funny! And you get a lot more done in the creative tasks than I do for sure! Happy weekend!

  4. You find the funniest cartoons! Looks like you have been plenty busy to me... but I agree the time is flying by quickly.

  5. Great cartoon. You are correct to keep working on the big needlepoint. Hopefully you are making steady progress on that. Love the fabric and the bunny. Bright colors are a lot of fun.


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