Sunday, May 9, 2021


 Last week was one of those 'weeks' that went fast/slow--and I felt I was 'out to lunch' all week as they say--even though I never ate out!!!!!!!!

I did get the rick rack finished on the basket quilt--

and now am working on hand quilting the wool top--

It's time to think about getting some more tops layered and basted!!!  This is the last one I had ready to hand quilt--though it will take me awhile to do this one!!!

I am also working on appliqueing the red angels and making some red yo-yo's--and then working on this new project--

I got 2 more this size planned out this morning-these have a lot of work on each one yet to do--so I will be busy on these for a long time!!

Thursday I turned a new age--I am now my parents age--73--my Mom passed at 73 yrs and one week, my Dad 3 years later at 73 yrs and 4 months--though I did have grandparents that did live to be mid 80's--!!!!    It turned into a quiet day and that was fine with me--got a couple special phone calls and a couple nice gifts in the mail--was suppose to have supper outside with my son and gf but it was stormy here so we will do it sometime this week--always love to spread out the birthday!!!

Yesterday --it was so beautiful here--weather was perfect--so I headed over town--first stop was Molly Mutt's thrift store--

found 2 nice linen pieces for the hexagons and the littlest pin cushion made with really old fabrics--this is the one side and here is the other side--

This little cushion was in one of those old clothes pin rockers--I paid for it and then slipped the cushion out and gave them back the rocker to resell!!!
And I also went into the plant store on the way back home and bought that little palm plant--I didn't take much money with me--so could only afford a $4 plant this time--but have wanted a palm plant for while now--
I had also stopped at the Bead store--mainly to see how her plans were coming along for the 'big' sale next Saturday and learned she is not going to do the sale--as she is selling the business in the next couple months-to a loyal customer-but the store will stay there--
I did buy a couple more tiny tulip beads while I was there--

I had bought 2 little blue ones before--now I have 3 of them and 3 red ones!!! 
Then I did walk on pass this building on the way home and went into the Sunshine Cafe and got me an iced tea--so I did not spend much money--but have some neat treasures and a fun outing!!!!

And here is where I am on the Farmhouse series--starting block #8--and I have spent the last 3 days on getting all those white frames done around each block--they are more work than doing the whole inside of the block--for me--at least--!!!!!  This is where my mornings are being spent on this project!!




  1. Happy birthday, my friend! I'm glad you're so lucky finding such cute things when you go out shopping! Hope you can get that belated b-day dinner with son. HUGS!!!

  2. Happy birthday....I guess it's a milestone that was pretty big for you but I'm sure you've got many more years left in you..... Love the cartoon at the bottom..... LoL

  3. Happy Birthday! Always good to spread it out for a week or two of celebrating.

  4. Happy birthday, Di. Hope you have a nie time with your son.
    I love the treasures you find on your outings. I think the Farmhouse series is a favourite of mine.
    Big hugs!

  5. So many delightful projects! I love the little basket quilt and your pretty doiley project too. Happy Birthday to you.

  6. Happy Birthday Di. Nice to have gone out with your son...
    Love all your projects especially the cross stitch.

  7. Happy Birthday again!! What lovely treasure you found. Your basket quilt is awesomely amazing!!


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