Sunday, May 16, 2021


 The big Jets are here this week end--I do love hearing them and seeing the fly over head--they are here at the Melbourne, FL airport --kinda in my front yard!!!

Let's see ---what have I been doing this week--besides grocery shopping and still celebrating my birthday!!

one morning I worked on hearts--and here is the red one for this month--all ready for the trims--
and then I finished off the blue one from last month--

and while I was sewing these--I was also sewing the little '9' patches together that I sew as my 
 leader n enders project

I also discovered I needed more strips sewn to keep making these for all the center pieces I already sewn and cut--and I did still have scraps of this line left--so they are cut and ready to go!!

And I got one of the wool tops for a pincushion hand sewed--
I loved doing this one and the way it came out--the little birdy has a bit of stuffing in her--to make her stand out a bit--the coloring is off on this one--for some reason-is much prettier in real life--I just may have to make some of these for gifts?????

And here is where I am on my counted cross stitching--

Look---8 blocks are all done--and the frame for block 9 is nearly finished (I will be doing a happy dance when that last frame is done--it's been a problem child to stitch on all of them???!!!!)
this last block will be a fun one--it's another big red barn and some sheep!

I did get to have some fun this week--besides sewing all week--on Thursday my son and his sweet Sarah came and got me and took me to the bank and grocery store (while they went to a thrift store--I had to grocery shop--but I do like to eat--sooo!!!!) then they picked me up and brought me home to put them away and they went and picked up our supper and we ate out in the gazebo--only problem was--they had changed the shrimp alfredo and this time it was 'hot' spice wise--luckily they had also gotten a large side of crab rice and that helped to calm down the 'hot' so we could eat the dinners--we had a nice time visiting!
Then on Saturday, my gf Carolyn picked me up-our first stop was Mc Donalds for our usual order--2 ice teas, ff for her and a fish sandwich for me and we sat and ate it in their parking lot and watched the Jets do their thing--then we drove over on the beach side and went to '2' thrift stores--at one I found a large folding table for $10-(new one at Walmart is $40) so now no excuse for not getting the larger quilts hand basted--found some other treasures too--

two really pretty tea cups and this angel is going to be a gift for my friend Anne in NY!

and a new bird house--haven't bought me a new bird house in a very long time and the price was right!!!
also picked up a couple more nice embroidered linens for the hexagon blocks!

Then we went to Beauls and I once again looked for a pair of new walking shoes and I did find a pair--now to see if I like walking in them--picked up a couple other things while there--when we came out the air show as really rocking--so stopped on the causeway and pulled over and got out of the car and watched it --was pretty there on the river---but very breezy--!!
yep--those black gobs are 5-6 jets--only had my cell phone with me--but it's prove I seen the jets--

Well--that's all for this Sunday--
What have you been doing these days???
And the answer is 'yes'--I will continue to wear my mask!!!



  1. Love the cross stitch your working on.... Nice you had some help with the grocery then company for dinner.......

  2. I'll bet that was neat to see the jets from the air show. I was in and out of a bunch of stores today and wore my mask. Most people did still have them on. I was pleasantly surprised.

  3. Di, you do such lovely sewing projects. I have such trouble geting one completed, and I have about 3 I am working on! Glad you got to see some of the air show!


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  5. Lots happening at your sewing place... do love the cross stitch and cute birdie pincushion....
    Lovely to go out and about with your family and friends...
    Some nice pick ups at the thrift store too.

  6. Lovely cross stitch, Di. And those heart blocks are really beautiful.

  7. LOVE those Heart blocks you are making as part of the Rainbow Scrap Challenge!!

  8. I love the way you're doing your hearts. I hope I can remember that idea for next year. And your little bluebird is adorable. Glad you had such a good week.


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