Sunday, August 8, 2021


 into the month of August--I do feel sorry for the month of 'August'--it seems not alot of folks like this month--and when I think of it in past terms--I can't say that I can really --or have been really excited about the month of August in itself--so I feel bad for it--I do think that it has to do with --its a month of no national holiday in it--!!!

So--what did I get done this past week--

I got my birds on a wire finished--

Friday morning I did my trip downtown--I needed to go to the bead store for some tiny white beads--for the heads on the Queen's Ann Lace flowers on the bottom row--(now I do have alot of beads--but--can you believe none in white in the right size--isn't that the way it always go?????

oh my they still don't show up well--but instead of doing the little french knots--I sewed a bead onto each stem of the Queen's ann lace--and it is very pretty in real life!!  
I , also, had alot of enjoyable stitching hours on this piece and it was fun to have a kit with everything in it--so no looking for fabrics or threads--!

I got this months applique/embroidery block done on Jenny's bom!!

And yesterday I got this month's teal/turquoise/aqua Angels started
Love these colors this month--

I got a fabric order in--

'3' for Halloween/Fall --

and '4' Christmas ones in--(and yes---I did not need any more Christmas fabric--but!!!)

Last night I got another little baby sweater finished--

and I started a second one in the same size--but reversing the colors of yarn!!

Here is where I am on the latest Counted cross stitching project--

So you could say--that I was 'playing' in the sand this week!!!!

And look at this--

another new plant--the one in the back on the left side--remember I said I had to go over town to the Bead store--well--I have to walk past the Plant shop to get there--so another new plant and planter grabbed me as I walked by!!!

This one has a pink lines in it!!!
and here is the one I bought the last time I was in the Plant store-
it is really growing fast and getting tall!!!

And here is what I am doing on the Blessings block--adding a blanket stitch around the 'curtains'--have gotten 5 out of the 9 blocks done!!!

Thursday late afternoon--around 5pm my son picked me up and took me to Publix grocery store for my 3-4 weeks grocery shopping--Publix employees now have to wear Masks again but not the customers--but I was very happy--very happy to see that at least 90% or more of the customers there at that time had masks on !!!   Even if you have been vaccinated you can get covid and you can spread it to others--so please keep wearing those masks!!  Thank you--

I have my days when I feel like this!!!!


  1. Boy, you have been busy. Looking good.

  2. I love your blessings quilt and the blanket stitch is a nice embellishment! Have a lovely day!

  3. So many pretty projects! I love how you "change it up" and work on different types of projects instead of all one type. I have been wearing my mask when I go into stores because of my new granddaughter (as well as other family). Can't let ANYONE get sick because of me!

  4. Just one question. Do you ever sleep?????


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