Sunday, September 19, 2021


 I went to a one room school until the end of 5th grade when they closed it--

so I did not go to kindergarten or have any fancy classes or such--just the basics of reading, math, and writing--there was only 7 of us--all girls in the school room with a teacher that had MS, so she was in a wheel chair-(I also walked 1.24 miles to the school and back each day!!)  So at the beginning of  6th grade a big yellow bus came to our house and picked me up and it was full of kids--boys and girls of all ages--and I was put in a class room of 35 students--both boys and girls and a man teacher--WOW--what an adjustment--these kids were way ahead of me--

I did not get to take any kind of Art classes until my Senior year--and one of the first assignments was to draw a "tree"--so I did--the male teacher came along and said to me--"what-did you just draw--that is "kindergarten tree"--go outside and really look at a tree--

and I did and today 'trees' are my thing--and I love trees and how they grow--

so now you are asking yourselves--where this is going--

this is where I am on the seasonal jars I am cross stitching--

and I am stitching on the Autumn jar--right hand side on bottom--and today one of the things I stitched was the tree-WELL-the pattern had a kindergarten tree!!!  it was like a stick tree with all the branches the same on both sides of the tree--and --I could not stitch it that way--

My tree looks more like a natural tree--
so I am hoping my art teacher is proud of me today!!!!
(it is not done--there is leaves to stitch on it yet!!)

I got all three of my Angel blocks in orange finished--

but am still working on the orange yo-yo's and the orange heart--

I also got my Halloween challenge top pretty much done--
Remember this is challenge between me and Alice using the same blocks!!
I now have to get this layered and basted for hand quilting--!

And I got  prize in the mail that I won on a blogpost last month--
This is a rather large cardboard suitcase--

it came filled to the top with lots of goodies--
Look at all this fabric and that package of thread--and the thread is my favorite brand--
Mettler--size 40!

and 2 patterns where in the bottom of the suitcase--
this came from AU--and it was
can't believe Jude sent this all the way from AU to me--she is one special lady--( and probably quite broke now with the postage on it!!)
Thank you, Jude!

And yesterday I took my 'big camera with the long lens--outside'
I wanted to take a photo of all the butterflies that fly around the tops of 2 palm trees--

I am still not sure what kind they are--but there is alot of them--and boy do they fly fast!!
But I also seen this--
really pretty flower--there was a couple of them in that tree--
and today when I went out--
they only looked like 'brown' leaves hanging up there--
so I must of picked just the right day to photograph the butterflies!!!
Does anyone know what this flower is????

Well--guess that all for today's post--hope you enjoyed going back in time and then back to the present!!



  1. It's amazing what Jude can fit into one of those cases.....

  2. I'm happy for you that you won the suitcase full of goodies. Yes Jude was a sweetie to send it.

  3. One of these days I'll change my name to Linda in Arkansas! LOL

  4. What a wonderful big bag of goodies! I know you had fun looking through everything! Enjoy your day and all of your stitching! Hugs!

  5. What a huge change for you going from such a small school to a much bigger one…
    Jude is such a wonderful generous lady… enjoy all your lovely gifts….

  6. I too won one of these fantastically filled cases. You are very lucky. That’s a huge change for you in your schooling years. So different now

  7. That's quite a change from 5th to 6th grade! Love the story abut the art of trees. Your stitching is looking good and your Halloween challenge project is really cute. Happy stitching this week.


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